Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Never Loved Nobody Fully...

Always one foot on the ground....

Sorry, this song is stuck in my head right now, I was lucky enough to go see Regina Spektor in concert last night in DC! She was amazing, she is so talented, and super quirky and I adore her. I am still sick, so that was kind of a bummer, but I was determined to medicate myself and make it to the show.

What I'm wearing:
Old Navy t-neck dress
Sam Edelman lace-up boots
Martin + Osa necklace
Gucci bag (old birthday present from my lovely sister)

This lightweight sweater dress from Old Navy is perfect for the fall weather we have right now. I paired it with a pair of awesome boots that I may be wanting to wear every day this fall. They are a bit tougher looking than the boots that I usually gravitate towards, which are usually sleeker. I think these will balance out my more feminine looks nicely.

They have an assymetrical zipper, and are lined with ugg-like fuzziness on the inside. Delightful.

Tried to get Roadie to pose for the camera but he was having none of that.... at least he isn't bringing mice into the house (*cough* ahem Bear)

Oh, and I am in utter denial that it is October already!!!!!!!! 2009 is flying by. Soon it'll be Halloween, then Thanksgiving (YUM), and then CHRISTMAS!!! Crazy. I am going home to Atlanta next week, and I'll be lugging all my warm weather things with me to stay with my parents until next spring. So excited to see my family and also eat some yummy Korean food.


  1. Those boots are incredible, just incredible! now I'm going to have to search for a pair! Oh and I love Korean food. I need to find a good restaurant in the area...

  2. Stop making me drool over all your clothes! Now I need this dress in addition to your bird skirt!