Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day vs. Night, and goodbye to an old friend

I had the day off today, which pretty much meant that I slept in as long as I could, then headed to the gym (finally). Then I decided to run some errands (aka go shopping). This is what I wore while out earlier today!

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew (outlet) Victoria cami
Martin + Osa cashmere v-neck sweater
Martin + Osa marine rinse bootcut jeans
Taryn Rose black pumps

I really loved this silk top/sweater combination so much I decided to keep it on tonight for my date tonight. =) The top has grey and gold in it, and the sweater is a medium toned purple. I think it has a bit more pink in it than this photo shows.

For night I switched up the jeans and pumps for:
Seven for All Mankind denim mini
black tights
Gucci booties

Da booties:

Not up to anything exciting tonight, just going out to dinner. I could really eat a good steak right now.... mmmmmm.

I have bad news to report, my camera died a sad, terrible death today. I dropped it while trying to take a photo of this anthropologie dress! This is the very last photo my dear camera took. (And oh my I am pasty!!!!) [ETA: I ended up returning this dress. I will never wear it!!!]

I'm not too upset about it though, I have been thinking I needed one for awhile. I've had my Canon Powershot since I was in college, and it's fallen on many, many of the floors of Nashville bars. And DC. And Annapolis. At least the back deck of our house is a nice place to go.


  1. 3 great outfits in one day! The color combo is great with the purple, gold, and grey. Those booties are hot! (but I could never ever walk in those). And I love the black-to-white on the last outfit... it makes you look super tall. RIP little camera (hope you get a new one soon though!)

  2. sorry about your camera!! it's time for an upgrade! Also I love that dress on you.

  3. I love LOVE that first outfit. I think it's my favorite I've seen on you. And I have always made a double-take at that Anthro dress. Yum.

  4. I LOVE that silk top!! It looks great with the v neck sweater. And great dress! Sorry about your camera!

  5. Those boots are amazing!

  6. love the gray, yellow, and purple and that dress is so cute!

  7. The date outift is TOO cute. Sorry about the camera... always a nice excuse to get a new one, though!

  8. I'm in need of a new camera too. But I just keep thinking of other things [clothes! cough. shoes!] that I could buy with that money.

    Those booties are WIN!

  9. Holy mother those BOOTS! Why are we not the same size so I can steal them away????

  10. I love the way your transitioned from day to night!

  11. Just found your blog... you've got great style and you're a funny read so that's always good...:) Love the v-neck with the ruffle blouse, great colour combination... and yes, the Gucci booties are beautiful.