Monday, October 19, 2009

The Sun Will Come Out....

Is anyone else sick of the ridiculous amounts of rain? Here in Maryland, I definitely am. Although I had a great time hanging out with friends this weekend (sushi, brunch, beer, my favorite things!), the icky weather was kind of a drag. I loved my outfits but it was terribly wet outside and the lighting indoors was sucky. Oh well, but luckily yesterday and today were gorgeous, if a bit chilly.

What I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa High Button cardigan in Klimt Gold
Martin + Osa Slouchy Pocket tee in Grey
Martin + Osa black ponte knit slim pants
pewter Bloch metallic ballet flats
anthropologie Irenic necklace
plaid Free People coat
black Foley & Corinna Mini City tote

I feel a bit boring in this, and it's not my favorite outfit ever, but I am in love with this new cardigan from Martin + Osa! The cardigan is lightweight and super soft, with small cute buttons that line the neckline, but my favorite thing about this cardigan I'm wearing today is the color. It's that olive-y, gold-ish (yes, very technical terms) color that I'm sure makes me look sickly but I adore. This fabulous coat is borrowed from the closet of my sister Sophia! I love the colorful plaid, the knit collar, and I don't have a photo of it, but the lining is adorable. These knit pants are a new favorite of mine. They had been sitting in my closet forever and I finally decided to wear them. They are so amazingly comfortable, the minute they go on sale I will probably buy a back up pair!


  1. i like that cardigan with the gray. cute coat and bag too!

  2. i love it all! i don't think it's boring either. :) i ordered the steve madden boots you posted about on mua and i really like them. one of these days i'll get brave enough to post actual ootds!