Friday, June 12, 2009

Charm City Thrifting

Had the day off today, decided to make the drive to Baltimore to check out some thrift and vintage stores. I know that thrifting is always hit or miss, so I didn't get my hopes up too high. Fortunately, I found some stuff that I love!! Thrifting is great because it's an inexpensive way to bring some new items into your wardrobe. Sometimes the thought of used clothing skeeves me out, but I tend to buy items that I can just throw in the wash at home, and not have to bother with dry cleaning (or I'd never get to wear it, it would just stay in my dry cleaning bag). The main goal for today was to find some more belts, I have been really into them lately. I am desperately searching for the vintage mouse belt that I have seen on some blogs lately, it is so cute! Unfortunately I didn't find one today, but I did find a couple of other ones that would definitely go with items in my wardrobe. 

The dress on the left is a great cotton jersey dress. Very simple shape, fits me perfectly, and I love it with my new red leather belt with sea shell buckle. I can see myself wearing this all summer. The denim (yes, I said denim) dress on the right is from Goodwill, and I LOVE it!! It is super broken in and comfortable. Right now it's pretty wrinkly in the photo, but I will iron it after I wash it. I am wearing it with the other new belt that I bought today. 

Closeup of belts:

Also picked up a colorful scarf, below seen tied on my Rebecca Minkoff Leaf Nikki:

Pair of earrings that reminded me of David Yurman:

All in all I'm glad I made the drive up there! Even though Annapolis isn't far from Baltimore at all, I always forget about it being so close by, since I tend to head into DC if I need a big city fix. I'm excited to return and explore some more of the city next time.

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