Wednesday, June 24, 2009

OOTD 06.23.09

Wore this to work last night, felt a bit too prim and proper in white and satin and polka dots, but I liked it enough. And I realize I really need a new camera, I've had mine since junior year of college and it's been through a lot! It looks like it's been through a war zone (sorry camera, I know I've dropped you in many Nashville bars). I think it's on it's last legs, but I am completely clueless about cameras so I'm not sure what to get next.

What I'm wearing:
snow J.Crew tartine ruffle cardigan
periwinkle M+O tie top
M+O cut off denim skirt (I can't believe I bought this, I feel like I'm in 8th grade again)
polka dot slingbacks from Korea (I haven't been to Korea in almost 3 years, I remember I bought these for super cheap off the street)
J.Crew satin rosette headband (I always feel a bit princess-y when I wear this)

The *shoes*

Look how dainty my feet look! Love anything with polka dots

My headband and jewelry (David Yurman blue topaz ring, thrifted earrings)

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