Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rainy Day Lazyness

Today feels like it is going to be a lazy day... it is past noon and I am still in my pajamas. =) I doubt that this is going to change today, so I do not have an outfit to share today. I feel like I've been pretty good about posting my outfits (whether I like them or not) so I am taking a break today. I feel like the rain has been non-stop lately, especially this morning when it was definitely coming down hard. Days like this I like to watch some trashy television and also get some reading done.

I am currently reading Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell. Scored this book at the last meeting of my sorority alumnae book club! It's pretty much about a woman who is obsessed with American presidential assassination and assassination attempts, and goes all around the country exploring different historical sites and hometowns. It is a very easy read, and as a history fan I am really loving it! Although the title sounds pretty morbid, the book isn't dark at all. Instead it's very interesting and has given me several morsels of historical anecdotes I will undoubtedly bring up in conversation soon.

Just got started watching True Blood Season 1 (gotta love netflix!) and now I am hooked. I know that Season 2 has just started, so I can't wait until I finish Season 1 and then start watching the second season online (I don't have HBO). The gist of the show is that a telepathic waitress in Louisiana starts to get involved with a vampire. Vampires are no longer in hiding, since the invention of synthetic blood allows them to become mainstream without being predators. I don't have a thing for vampires or anything, but I am now obsessed with the Bill character! My boyfriend must think I have vampires on the brain, I just watched Twilight (terrible movie, by the way) and I have all of the Twilight books as well.

EATING: My lunch today is a Chick fil a chicken salad sandwich! Really excited about this.... =) I'm also planning on making chili for dinner tonight.

This was pretty much a pointless post but I am bored.... and it is too icky outside to go do anything.


  1. Its icky were I live too! The book sounds really interesting - I might check it out.

  2. I LOVE Sarah Vowell, and Assassination Vacation is a great book. She's such a smart, easy-to-read writer. Enjoy!

  3. that book sounds really interesting, i might read it. and i was going to start watching true blood but i wasn't sure if i would like it... it sounds pretty good though so i might:))
    xo, Olivia