Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drawing Inspiration from Past Outfits

I'm not sure exactly when I started to photograph my outfits, but working in an office with a bathroom with a huge mirror in it sure made it easy. My (abandoned) stylediary is full of a ton of outfits that I have worn in the past. I haven't been on the site in ages, since now I am pretty devoted to this blog, but it was definitely worth a look. I have so many clothes, and always feel like I need more, when I'm sure there are tons of items that I have only worn once or twice sitting in my closet.

Here are a few favorites that I will probably re-create this summer!

I obviously still use and love my RM Matinee! But I definitely forgot about the ruffle cardi and belt! I had to look at the description to remember what belt it was (it was from the Gap). I unfortunately no longer have the dress (gave it to my mom) but I would definitely use that belt for sure (my latest posts have been dominated by belted outfits!)

Of course this dress is belted too! My MbMJ Hillier hobo is in this outfit, I think it's feeling a bit left out because of my RM madness, I will have to remember to carry it soon! My past outfits also demonstrate my obsession with these yellow peep toes, I like to pretend they go with everything.

Oh snap this is belted too. I loved this shirtdress, I have absolutely no idea where it is at the moment but I want to find it!

I know that my Diane von Furstenberg dresses have been feeling pretty left out lately. Now that I no longer work in an office, I tend to go more casual for my outfits. I forget that a wrap dress is a beautiful thing, so simple and easy to wear.

My patent orange t-strap sandals! Oh, how I have missed thee. I'm sure these are buried somewhere in a shoe bin. I can think of a handful of potential outfits these babies can snazz up this summer!

Hopefully this trip down memory lane from last summer will help me realize that I DO NOT NEED TO BUY ANYTHING. I am hoping to stick to thrifting for my shopping fix. I am moving pretty soon, into a bedroom where there are NO closets. You read that right, ZERO closet space. I need to be more picky about what gets to take up space.


  1. I love all of your outfits. YOu inspire me everday! - atdow