Thursday, July 9, 2009

OOTD 07.09.09

I love this dress, it is a teensy bit big on me but that's why I love it, it is super comfortable for summer. I also love the faded floral print on this. I had to fight the strong urge to belt this dress. I'm a belting addict. This dress also makes me look a bit preggers but OH WELL.

What I'm wearing:
Ella Moss printed dress
Banana Republic tank layered underneath
J.Crew waterfall necklace
Aldo Maune wedges


  1. Ah, the details to this outfit. Where to begin? First of all, that necklace looks awesome! I'd love to see a detail shot of that puppy! And those shoes with the delicate dress, so lovely! Oh, and no, you don't look preggers! Chic came to mind, not preggers.

  2. You look awesome! I wish I had gotten those shoes!

  3. This dress is amazing, I more than anything want one like it! I have been looking for a red dress I could wear in daytime 4ever it seems.