Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Raspberry Beret

ok, I'm not really wearing a raspberry beret.... but I have the song stuck in my head, and I'm wearing a raspberry colored tee, so it is justified.

I originally had the tee un-tucked, but felt that it was too frumpy. I love the skirt, but knew it had the possibility of looking dowdy.

What I'm wearing:
raspberry Madewell tee
Moss Mills leather belt
J.Crew outlet brushstroke floral skirt
Juicy Couture shoes (with the glitter heel)
forest green Botkier purse

I had to repost these, aren't they adorable?

I am sitting around right now waiting for the insurance adjuster to come because some douche keyed my car. WHO DOES THAT??????? I am really, really annoyed right now.

On the bright side I have a few packages "out for delivery" today. YAY! I love this feeling, it's like Christmas. Which probably explains my shopping problem.

I am a really terrible babysitter, am horrible at entertaining kids. May just go take them to see "Up" today.

1 comment:

  1. I think you look very classy! Love this vintage look!! I especially love that skirt... I would've thought it too matronly if I had seen it at the store but you pull it off so well. I am adding you to my blogroll - I love your style!