Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Hate Birds

Yes, I really do hate/am extremely afraid of birds. I don't know why, but they really freak me out. Especially pigeons and seagulls (ugh I shudder to even type those words out). So it amazed me that I fell in love with this skirt last year. It is covered in birds! But since the shapes are only cookie cutter shapes, they don't freak me out as much.

I am still feeling pretty sick right now, taking some medicine has helped a bit but not really. Blargh. This cozy sweater skirt is making me feel a bit better though. I need to desperately run some errands and wanted to be comfy but still cute. I wish I took a better photo, the light kind of washed out the outfit and makes me look like I don't have a top on. I do, I swear! Haha.

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Ethereal cardigan in Dark Rust
oatmeal Martin + Osa Essential V-neck tee
Anthropologie bird sweater skirt
cognac Steve Madden Intyce boots
dark brown Bulga bag

Closeup of sweater and necklace:

My BIRD skirt!


  1. that skirt is amazing! love the color combo of your outfit, and seeing the intyce boots on you makes me a little sad that i had to sell mine (they just didn't look right on me).

  2. I want that skirt in a bad way now Rosa! I even passed it up when it was on the sale rack :-( Off to hunt on eBay!

  3. wow, i love that rust paired with the pale blue. very pretty.

  4. SOB... I am still terrified of birds, but you look so cute minus the scary skirt :)

  5. hahah, birds are so scary... esp. the two you listed... i can't type them either! that said, you are way cute in this outfit. i love the boots and the deep rust color :-)

  6. i know exactly what you mean about birds! i'm always a bit weirded out when i like things with bird print on them too. love the outfit... great color combo & perfect for a comfy, but cute, day.