Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bloody Mary Sunday

Mmmm.... nothing makes a weekend more enjoyable than a delicious Bloody Mary. I really wish that it was sociably acceptable to drink these outside of weekend brunches. But I think I'd feel a bit silly if I were in a bar on a Saturday night and ordered a Bloody Mary.

Last night I got to spend some quality time with some of my college girlfriends! It was so great, I hadn't seen some of them in ages (far, far too long). But this morning, I was feeling not so hot, and decided what I needed was some hair of the dog. After eating a bagel with lox for breakfast, I decided a Bloody Mary was in order. I'd never made them at home, so I decided to try it out! There is a restaurant/bar in Annapolis that has a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar some Sundays, so I've put them together before, but never at home. Luckily, I had most of the ingredients available. After a quick nip to the grocery store I was ready for my BM building adventure.

Here are the ingredients:

From the left:
-Celery salt (to coat the rim of my glass)
-Worchestershire sauce (apparently I never pronounce this correctly)
-horseradish (yum, adds some kick!)
-Tabasco sauce (I went through a Spicy V8 phase, can't get enough of spicy)
-pickled green beans
-V8 tomato/veggie juice

Not shown:
-ice cubes

Now, you are probably saying, why green beans? I'm not a fan of celery, the traditional partner of the BM. But while I was in New Orleans earlier this year, at some great pirate bar, the bartender there made the best BMs I've ever had, and they included the green beans! The pickled spicy green beans are seriously addictive. I can definitely eat them on their own.

Here's the delicious end result:

The weather today is absolutely fantastic, I think the high is 70 degrees!!! This is crazy, especially in November. I decided to take advantage of the great weather and catch up on my celebrity gossip while drinking my favorite drink!

Sorry, didn't feel like putting on real clothes today!

This is T, reading something a little more respectable than People magazine.

What a great way to wind down the weekend....


  1. I LOVE blood mary's and I order them at non-brunch times all the time! :) The spicier the better!

  2. Take up golf. When I worked on a golf course, it seemed as though it was always time for a bloody mary.

  3. Sounds like a great Sunday! And even if those are lazyday clothes, I love the gold and grey combo. :)