Monday, November 9, 2009

Leaving... On a Jet Plane

What I'm wearing:
Lululemon Gratitude wrap
H&M printed dress
Martin + Osa cashmere scarf/wrap
Hue leggings
pewter BC flats
F21 bow headband

I've had a loooong day today. Finally snapped a photo of my outfit tonight. Nothing super special, but I just wanted to share what kind of clothes I like to wear while I'm traveling (especially via airplane).

The Lululemon Gratitude wrap is fantastically comfortable. It is super soft, lightweight, and does double duty as a blanket. I also love the fact that it has slits in the sleeves so I can slip my thumbs through! Love it. You can do so much with it, and it looks much, much cuter than a plain old regular hoodie.

I decided to wear this H&M dress I snatched from my sister, because it is super comfortable, fit nicely under the wrap, and I could wear it on it's own without another layering piece. The cashmere scarf was the finishing touch, while walking around the airport I wore it like a normal scarf, but it is big enough that it is an ultra warm wrap.

I really liked this combination because it was warm, but full of layers that I could peel off when needed (I didn't really need too, it was freezing on the plane, but they are always so inconsistent), and comfortable (no jean grommets poking me in the back or the bum).

So what did I do today? I woke up at 5:30am, drove to the airport, flew to Atlanta, took a quick nap, went to the dentist (where I had a crown removed and had a temporary one put it) which took TWO hours, had a yummy meal of sashimi, sushi, and jjigae, grabbed a hot chocolate and a yummy slice of cake at a Korean bakery, and now am finally able to relax at home. New Gossip Girl on tonight! =)

ETA: I promise you tomorrow's OOTD will NOT include leggings.


  1. good, looks comfy and cute!

  2. You look super cute and comfy. I wish I could pull of leggings.