Monday, November 30, 2009

Southern Comfort

A few more photos from this weekend....

Walking in Savannah

Cathedral in Savannah

I just loved the painted shutters! (I wish I took more house pics, they were so amazing in this city)

Hilton Head Island, SC

Great place to start the day off with a Bloody Mary. YUM.

Beaufort, SC (Look, there's a sailboat!)

Grabbed some burgers and sweet potato fries (my favorite) to go from Plums and ate it right along the water! Beautiful day.

I'd never been to any of these places before! Luckily the weather was fantastic and I got to see little snippets of each place.

Funny thing about Beaufort is, when we decided to stop there, I couldn't remember why it sounded so familiar. I'd never been there before! Then I remembered that I was reading a Temperance Brennan novel (who doesn't love watching Bones?) book on my Barnes & Noble e-Reader on my iPod touch. I really love to read, and having easy access to books whenever and wherever I want is amazing to me. Death du Jour is the second book in the series by Kathy Reichs, and it takes place in both Montreal, Quebec and Beaufort, SC! Anyways I just thought that was interesting, and now as I continue reading the book I have a better idea of picturing where it takes place.

The weather in Maryland here is quite dreary today. =( I am trying to get some studying done but may head out in a bit to run some necessary (and not too exciting) errands. Oh well, not everyday can be the weekend! I had a lot of indulgences this weekend, and now it's back to reality.