Sunday, November 22, 2009

Like A Hole in the Head...

I need more clothes like I need.... well you read the title of this post. Lately I've been re-organizing my closet (am working on my dresser drawers today) and have rediscovered some old goodies that I completely forgot I owned. Yet this does not keep me from wanting more, more, more. It's a sickness I swear. But I've realized that my attitude of mass consumption has got to stop. After filling bag after bag with things to give away, donate, or sell, I realized that some of these items have only gotten one or two wears. How wasteful. I have pared down my closet a LOT (I've packed away tons of office business-casual clothing that is still in style but I have no use for it at the moment to take home with me over Thanksgiving to store in my old bedroom closet), organized it better (so things don't get overlooked and forgotten), and have told myself to think long and hard over my purchases (am trying to cut down on trendy impulse buys and sale goggle shopping). So we'll see how that helps!

But of course with the internet, it's hard not to "window shop" constantly. Even though I do not *need* any of these items.... these are currently what I'm lusting over.

How darling is this cardigan? Of course it's a cardigan (because I'm obsessed), and of course it has ruffles! I saw this in store yesterday and now I want all of the colors! My favorite color is the Dijon Mustard. I seem to be extremely attracted to mustard yellow currently. I really want to add this to my J.Crew ruffle cardigan collection.

Ok so I have no idea what I'd actually wear this with. I find it adorable though! Several bloggers have reviewed it, like Shannon over at Wardrobe Review, and I love the beaded detail on the delicate tee. I think it would be a quirky layering piece.

As much as I love J.Crew I feel like those two items were the only things that caught my eye that I can see myself wearing. I absolutely enjoy flipping through the J.Crew catalog full of beautifully styled models, but the items that I'm drawn too, I feel like I have a version from a previous season. And a lot of it is a bit over the top for me to feel as if I'd get a lot of wear out of them, especially at their price points. Of course, I'm always much more likely to get a J.Crew item when it's marked down, but lately the sales have been disappointing. That never stops me from stopping by my local J.Crew frequently.

Now some of my Anthropologie wants....

How lovely is this skirt? I really shouldn't even be looking in the skirt section since I just re-folded an entire drawerful of anthro skirts, but the detail and color of this skirt just drew me in.

I'm all about comfort, and think this cute knit hoodie combines comfort with cuteness! This would be a perfect topper for a casual weekend brunch outfit.

I'm always a sucker for a cute pair of tights. I think these would be darling paired with a solid colored sweater dress. And they are on sale right now for only $14.95!

I'm surprised my wishlist isn't miles longer! But I guess that's a good thing... I feel like I've been on a shopping bender for the last 2 years and now I'm finally slowing down....


  1. I tried on that cardigan yesterday- and it too cute for words on! Im also in love with the lacemaker skirt- I need to go try it on though- I feel like it could be a bit long (go pass my knees) on and I never like that.

  2. I bought those tights! Debating the white pair as well. I haven't tried them on but they have merino wool in them so I know I will live in them this winter.

    I feel your pain - I'm packing to move and my friend was helping me last night. We were both overwhelmed by how many clothes I have. I purged some but could do more. And yeah, I probably have about 60 cardis myself which is a little crazy but what did I buy with the ATL F&F sale? More cardis!! :P I can't resist them!

  3. I've been looking at all three of those Anthro finds. I can't imagine working in retail--I'd be sure to spend every penny! Good for you for keeping the business casual stuff (even if stored away)...I feel like I go through cycles of wanting to throw out anything that is not immediately useful and then regretting it later. I just spent 2 years in grad school where I dressed really casually, and then when I got out I realized I barely had anything work appropriate. Fortunately I work in a creative field so I don't have to really dress up, but jeans with sneakers and hoodies won't cut it! (Besides I *want* to dress like an adult again.)

  4. Oh! I really want the antler tee!!!!