Friday, November 13, 2009

Rain, Rain, Come Again Another Day....

What I'm wearing:
cranberry J.Crew turtleneck
bow jumper (from my sister's closet)
grey striped Hue tights
grey patent Sofft mary janes
anthropologie Inverness trench

Sorry for the lack of outfit updates, the rainy weather had really put a damper on my photos! My indoor photos were all horrible. Today I was able to snap a few quick ones before it started drizzling again. With the nasty weather, I have gotten a *ton* of use out of my anthropologie Inverness trench. I absolutely love the full skirt and the bow detail. I've gotten compliments on it seriously every single time I wear it. And yes, I do look absolutely ridiculous in the coat photos, but I really just wanted to show the cute bow detail. The full skirt is fun to twirl in.

I do feel like this is a very doll or "little girl" kind of outfit, but I love it anyway. So glad I found this jumper randomly in my sister's closet when I was home. Hope she wasn't planning on wearing it soon! (Sorry S!) I just thought the bow and the trim at the bottom was darling. Paired with the turtleneck and the tights, it's a perfectly cozy outfit!


  1. aw that dress is super CUTE! i love the white detailing at the bottom. and the maryjanes are adorable. ~joelle

  2. what an adorable jumper, but i love the entire look!

  3. Yes, it is most certainly a little girl outfit, which is why I squealed when I saw it! Love it, and I am mad jealous of the Inverness Trench

  4. I adore the dress! Saw this on the board today and had to swing by to comment :)

  5. I love the dress and the color combo with the burgundy turtleneck!

  6. i got that dress in korea for like 10 dollars! im glad you actually wore it