Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quelqu'un M'a Dit

What I'm wearing:
charcoal J.Crew turtleneck sweater (looks black in these pics though)
floral silk Anthropologie skirt
mustard yellow socks from Target
Target Kamaria ankle boots
coat stolen from my sister's closet, Korean?

It's a rainy day in Atlanta.... it's been raining ALL DAY. Which is why I tried to take better photos of my outfit but the lighting is horrible all around. So you'll have to settle for this boring background again.

I love rainy days when I don't really have to do anything! Didn't have any plans for today, but this morning I took a practice GRE exam. (Bah, not so much fun). Then my mother and I went out for some yummy Korean food (soondooboo and naengmyun / spicy tofu stew and cold buckwheat noodles) which is always something I love to do. Then of course to delay being out in the rain some more we stopped by the bakery and enjoyed lattes, split a croissant, and snacked on some macaroons. Lovely. =)

Aren't these booties so fun?

I think that they don't look that bad for only being $30. Love the color too! I figured for such a trendy boot, I'd go for the save vs. splurge. Love that they are military inspired.


  1. i love socks and booties! I could not pull it off, though

  2. skirt is amazing, and the booties are cute. and mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors.

  3. the boots are cute! Is the title referring to my favorite Carla Bruni song?

  4. Angela, yes I love this song. It's on the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack, which I adore.

  5. Umm yes those booties are amazing! Love your outfit today.

  6. lovely outfit!
    great shoes! <3

  7. Love the socks and booties look!


  8. Those boots look great on you. I was going to get them but some people said they weren't cute in real life =( clearly they were wrong.