Sunday, November 22, 2009

Witchy Woman

What I'm wearing:
Ann Taylor Loft printed knit dress
black Hue leggings
black Topshop ankle boots
vintage kissing mice belt

Guess how much my dress was? It was a STEAL at $3.05 after tax! I found it on the sale rack at ATL (I actually haven't been there in ages but noticed a lot of cute on the website recently) and I couldn't believe it! It was a petite dress, which made it a teensy bit short on me, but I loved the colors in the print. And you can't beat that price! I paired it with one of my favorite cardigans from M+O. The high button cardigan is super lightweight and I adore this olive-y gold-y color.

These ankle boots from Topshop were a treat to myself during my last trip to NYC! To be honest I was killing some time before meeting a friend, and decided that Topshop would be a great distraction. I was just wearing some ballet flats that were killing my feet, so I decided I would splurge on a new pair of shoes! What sold me on these ankle boots were the ruffle! These definitely give me a "witchy" vibe, which I actually love.


  1. what a great deal on the dress! and i love the boots!

  2. I never find deals like that! I couldn't find anything I wanted this summer at Topshop, but then of course when I moved away from NYC in the fall I found a ton of stuff (online) that I loved. Pretty outfit--love the sweater color too.

  3. Ooh I love it! I like the shorter length of the dress. With tights, it doesn't really matter that much anyway. Um, ess than 4 bucks for a DRESS? That is awesome. And crazy.

  4. i like this combo!


  5. The color of the cardigan is so pretty on you! What do you think about the quality of the boots? I have considered buying Topshop shoes but am afraid they'll fall apart after a few wears..

  6. cute outfit!
    Those boots are great

  7. nc2220, i felt that way about a lot of the dressier topshop heels but these boots seem to be made of decent leather and are made in spain! they have held up pretty nicely

  8. wow, i love that gold!

  9. I love this entire outfit but especially the boots. You're giving me some great ideas.