Monday, November 2, 2009

This is my confession....

So, I have a few confessions to make.

1. I love leggings (especially the Hue ones that are kinda shiny and very opaque)
2. I love to pretend leggings are pants. (I am in denial that they aren't!)
3. I love leopard print.
4. I love faux fur, especially when it's super soft.
5. I FREAKING love my faux fur leopard print jacket, even if I sorta feel like a street hooker in it.

So I had a pretty crappy night last night, and I wake up exhausted and find out that our water is broken. Which made me have a pretty crappy day at work today. And it also explains why my hair is icky and I threw in a cute butterfly headband to maybe make myself presentable.

I am wearing:
Forever 21 faux fur leopard print jacket
pink H&M tiered ruffle dress/tunic?
black Hue leggings
purple suede Kate Spade wedges
anthropologie butterfly headband

Wearing a few of my favorite things cheered me up considerably. I kind of feel like a ballerina in my pink ruffles and black leggings, which I've been wearing all the time because they are ridiculously comfortable (I even bought a back up pair). And I know a lot of people will hate this jacket but I *love* it. =P It is super soft, doesn't feel icky, and I love the collar on it.

Do you know what else I love?? My new Canon Powershot!!! It was super easy to take these photos today. I set it up for the facial recognition self-timer, which takes 3 shots each time, and it only took me two tries to get the photos that I posted! I posted more than I usually do, but that's because I like the way they turned out! I highly recommend this camera to anyone. Very easy to use in my opinion.

I feel like a flasher in this photo but I wanted to show off my dress!



  1. cute outfit! I am actually looking for some comfy capri length black leggings, non shiny for me though, lol. Any recs for me?

  2. Cute!!! I'm totally loving this!! Love the "flapper" dress and that leopard print jacket!

  3. You. look. adorable. !!!

    "5. I FREAKING love my faux fur leopard print jacket, even if I sorta feel like a street hooker in it."

    UM ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!! Mine was my grandma's, to boot!

  4. Love this outfit so much!!! Is that H&M pink tunic recent, because I NEED it!

  5. Sssshhh, don't tell the broad but I do leggings as pants too!

  6. Kim, I bought it a few weeks ago (just didn't wear it until now). I think i spotted it about a week ago too in my local store.

  7. so, how do you feel about jean leggings???

  8. that dress is sooo cute, love it! and i also love the jacket ^^! <3

  9. I think you look very cute, though I cannot condone Leggings Dependency Syndrome. My loyalties lie with full footed tights. ;) However, the dress/tunic is long enough so as to not be confused with a shirt, and the leggings have an appropriate level of opacity. :)

  10. This is adorable~love that last photo! :) I had a faux leopard coat in college (I think I had two!) but got rid of them a few years back (why!!!). Then again yours, at the shorter length, is much more flattering and cute.

  11. I TOTALLY LOVE that outfit !!!!!

  12. Oh I love how you combined all these great textures! And what a great way to combine all the things that you love.

  13. Jacket is so tots amaze! Love it