Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pass Me the Aloe...

I'm back! I had such a great time at the Heineken Regatta in St. Maarten, but I'm happy to be finally home. The whole experience was so amazing, I feel so lucky to have been able to participate in this awesome sailing regatta in one of the most beautiful places in the world! The boat that I sailed on finished 6th overall in our class, which I am super happy about. It was my first time sailing on the ocean instead of the Chesapeake Bay, so that was a thrilling experience, even though I had a bit of a rocky start.

My first day of sailing was marred by my intense sea sickness. I had never had such a bad case of it before, and it was definitely not a pleasant experience. Luckily I learned my lesson and started taking dramamine, which helped considerably but also made me super sleepy. Even though I felt pretty horrible the first day, I still couldn't help think how amazing the water looked and how great the weather was. I tried to work on my tan but unfortunately got a wicked sunburn and sunglass tan as you can see. 8+ hours on the water will do that to you! Now I'm off to slather on some more moisturizer and aloe...

Our first day of racing was around-the-buoys racing, which means that the race consists of legs where you sail around markers. On the second day, we raced around the island of St. Maarten, which was a really unique way of experiencing the island. So much different than arriving on cruise ship (which I've done before) or just driving around. Third day had around-the-buoys racing to start with, then we raced to Marigot Bay (on the French side of the island) where the party was held. Of course there were parties every night, lots of Heineken all around and live music everywhere. The locals came out in full force as well, so it was different from the typical sailing party. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well on the fourth day and skipped the sailing, which actually ended up working out well because it started raining! I had a quiet morning and then walked around Phillipsburg (the Dutch side's capital city) and did some window shopping. 

The photo above was snapped with my Blackberry one morning. The water looks amazing, that was the view from my room! I didn't end up taking a lot of photos with my camera, but I will be sure to post them when I get sent the rest. I had a horrible experience with my flight back to the States (had a connecting flight in Antigua that I caught by a hair) so I am really happy to be back! 

And I'm sure you guys are now sick of me talking about sailing.... so here's my outfit today! 

What I'm wearing:
*anthropologie Lean Lines Tunic (similar look here and here)
*Hue Liquid Leggings (similar here and here)
*Lanvin Cap Toe Slingbacks (similar here)
*Pearl Cluster Necklace from Paradigm (Annapolis boutique) (click here and here)

I love the Lean Lines Tunic! I would size down in this, I got this in a Small originally but it was definitely too big in the shoulders, and the XS was backordered for awhile but I finally got it, just in time for this lovely weather! I love the crisp blue color, the tall-ish collar, the subtle stripes, and the ruffles down the front! I think it would look great paired with the Looping Lanes Belt instead of the fabric sash. I love that it is a tunic that is long enough to cover all the necessary parts, almost like a short dress. 

The liquid leggings were a gag gift from a friend (thanks A!) but as I was reaching for a pair of leggings in my drawer today I decided that they would be fun to wear, I like the contrast between the shiny leggings and the crisp button down. 

You can definitely see my wicked glove tan line in this last photo....

Now I'm catching up on my favorite blogs! I feel like I missed so much and it wasn't even a week!


  1. Yay, you're back!! Your regatta adventures sound so exciting! How did you get into sailing in the first place?
    And ack about your sunburn -- poor you! Hope you recover soon. In the meanwhile, you still manage to look adorable even while crispy :) Am wildly envious of your captoe Lanvins!

  2. Love the shoes! And the leggings!

  3. You can be the first fashionable gal in NYC with a real tan in the winter! Welcome back, it sounds like you had an awesome time.

    It takes a ballsy gal to wear some liquid leggings, but you are rocking them!

  4. glad you had a good time and i always love your outfits!

  5. Ahh, St. Maarten. Lucky girl.

    I have a Gap shirtdress that's similar to yours...this is inspiring me to try them with my AA faux eel leggings (that see more of the inside of my closet than anything). Such an unexpected pairing, but it totally works - you look great!

  6. that dress is too adorable! also, A++ for the sailing skillz. :)

  7. Welcome back!! Your sailing adventures sound incredible - and judging by the gorgeous photo at the top, the scenery must have been breath taking! It's amazing that you got to sail around the islands, and you should look at your wicked glove tan as battle scars, haha! The tunic looks wonderful on you and it definitely can be pulled off as a short shirt dress. It's so lovely, and the liquid leggings are unexpected!

  8. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time.
    You look amazing today - I love that tunic on you!

  9. Wow, you look great! I love this look. You may even convince me to try leggings.

    I have the Looping Lanes Belt and I love it! If you see it in store, grab it! It's back-ordered online until May, and I think they may raise the price by $10.

  10. goldenmeans,
    i just tagged along with the bf a few times when he went sailing and i loved it! then i got hooked up with this great couple who live and race on their boat and are super nice to newbies, so i've had a lot of chances to race!

    i've already picked up the looping lanes belt! i love it and think it will go with a lot

  11. Glad you had a wonderful getaway! That tunic is beautiful on you! I hope your sunburn heals quickly - ouch!

    I ran to H&M earlier in the week, and found the cute striped tee you blogged about...except the only one in my size was on the mannequin, and under a buttondown and denim jacket. Plus there were pins. But, I took the poor girls arms right off, and peeled away until the top was MINE! It's soft, adorable, and worth the effort involved ;)

  12. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    You look great and that color is beautiful on you, especially with the tan. Hope the sunburn isn't too painful!

  13. It sounds like you had a fantastic trip!

    And ooooh, I've been being good and not window shopping at Anthro this month, but I really really like that tunic.

  14. everything about this outfit is perfect, the liquid leggings with those heels and the shirt dress, it's a delightful mix.