Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Clogging Around

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Flowy Jersey Bateau Dress in Navy (similar here)
anthropologie Mint Drop Necklace (similar here)
anthropologie Peak Through Petals Clogs (similar here)
Michael Kors Horn Jet Set Watch (similar here)

Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day!! I had a late start today, was recovering from the fun from yesterday. The weather was absolutely beautiful (perfect for the parade) and I can't believe I don't have to wear tights right now!

This outfit is kind of a snooze fest but I really just wanted to be comfortable. And comfortable I was, with these clogs!! I know that clogs are "in" right now, thanks to Chanel, but I didn't think I was interested. I just thought that clogs were not for me, even if they look great on everyone else. And I could never afford the real deal anyway.

Chanel Clog.

These Jeffrey Campbells are a pretty good knockoff, but they are a bit too high for me to wear comfortably. I was tempted to order these but I knew if they weren't comfortable, I wouldn't get enough wear out of them to justify the price.

And let's be honest. Most of the time when I think of clogs I think of these:


But then I found the Peak Through Petals Clogs from anthropologie! Not only do I love the floral cut out design, I also love the studs! And the lower height makes them really comfortable. I even walked Savannah today in these (to test them out) and they were marvelously easy to walk in. 

I'm thrilled to have found a version of a trend that is right up my alley and meshes well with my personal style. 

* * * * *

We have a winner!
Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway! The winner of the Hana Professional Flat Iron courtesy of is jcbellemarie!!!

Congrats and please email me your shipping address!


  1. I don't think your outfit is a snooze fest at all! The dress is perfect with that necklace. Makes it stand out really well. I also like that necklace draws the attention to your head and shows off that haircut. Anyway, great job pulling this look together.

    And congrats to the winner!

  2. I love the simplicity and chic factor of wooden heels - very cute with that necklace too!! And can I say eeeeeeek! Happy jazzy hands! Soooo psyched about the flat iron!!!!!!! : ) thank you thank you thaaaaank you!

  3. Golly, lady, if you think your outfit is a snoozefest, then mine are comatose! :o)

    I love that outfit - it's simple but very chic and you've dressed it up with the jewelry and those awesome clogs. I totally didn't notice those on Anthro's site but they are very pretty and look comfy too.

  4. Love the outfit, and you just convinced me to get those clogs from Anthro! Good thing they have free shipping right now!

  5. Super cute clogs! I don't know if I could pull them off myself, but they sure look great on you!

  6. Those clogs are awesome and that dress is simple and beautiful! Great outfit :)

  7. Super cute outfit and love those clogs! The cut outs make them so feminine!

  8. Those are some cool clogs and the necklace definitely ups the ante of your look!

  9. Those clogs are so cute, I love the cutouts!

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. Pretty! I think the key to wearing trends is to make sure they still feel like "you"--which you clearly proved. :) I love clogs too, and I know mine are decidedly unsexy, but they are very me.

  11. I was going to wear a very similar outfit on St. Patty's day- navy dress, bold green necklace. I changed my mind at the last moment, but now you've got me wishing I'd gone with it. You look great!

  12. Your outfit is gorgeous! Sometimes really simple ensembles are the best - and this one really helps to bring out the necklace and shoes! I'm not a big fan of clogs because they make my legs look extra stumpy, but they do look fabulous on other people (you included!). Haha at the Crocs... everytime I see those, I think of Mario Batali!

  13. I'm glad you like your new shoes! I agree, they are a great compromise between the wooden clog trend and your own personal style.

  14. Love this! Such a great dress on you.