Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy 101 Blog Award

I wanted to thank TienDeaMariaTara, and e. for the Happy 101 Award!

Here are 10 things that make me happy (in no particular order):

1. Frozen Yogurt
I am obsessed with the tart yogurt that is so trendy right now (i.e. Pinkberry, Red Mango, etc.) I am not super picky and I will eat any and all kinds of tart frozen yogurt. My go to combination is plain yogurt topped with mango, fruity pebbles, and mochi. 

2. Sailing
I've always loved being by the water, but I only discovered sailing a few years ago. I'm still a newbie and learning a lot but I really enjoy it. There is something so amazing when you're on the water and on a boat that is being powered by wind! In a world where everything is motorized and powered up it's pretty cool see experience sailing.

3. Sushi
I could eat sushi everyday, seriously. It is definitely one of my favorite foods. My favorite maki roll every would be yellowtail & scallion. I am always up for tuna sashimi as well. YUM. And I definitely can't resist a roll with some form of crunchy shrimp in it.

4. Cupcakes
Who doesn't like cupcakes? They're miniature versions of... delicious cake! My favorite flavor has to be Red Velvet, and my favorite cupcake is from Baked & Wired in Georgetown. In NYC though, I'd have to say I enjoy Two Little Red Hens' Red Velvet the most. The white hot chocolate cupcake from Crumbs is a close second though.

5. Puppies
I am a big animal lover and have always had a soft spot in my heart for puppies. They are just too cute! Especially if they are as sweet and snuggly as my shih tzu Savannah.

6. Brunch
Brunch is the most perfect meal. Probably because I love all types of breakfast food, and it is totally acceptable to drink alcohol in the morning if it's for "brunch". I've definitely mentioned before that I love my Bloody Marys, and Mimosas are yummy as well. I also love weekend brunch because it never has to be rushed, and it is nice to linger and catch up with friends. Eggs benedict is what I usually order at brunch. YUM.

7. Sale Shopping
I love hunting down a bargain. I try to not pay full retail price for anything. Sometimes it's the thrill of the chase, to hunt down something that you've wanted before when it's marked down. I need to be in better control of my sale goggles though, sometimes I just can't resist a sale and end up with an overflowing closet.

8. New York City
I still can't believe I am living in New York City! I've been here for a little over a month and I am loving it. Everything that you could possibly need is in the city. And everything delivers! I still have so much to explore but I am looking forward to it!

9. My blog
This blog is my special outlet to express myself via clothing! It's just a simple blog but I find it very satisfying to consistently keep posting, since this is the longest that I've kept up with a blog and I'm very proud of it. I really appreciate everyone that reads my blog and those that also comment on my posts. Thank you!!! I really thought that no one would ever want to see what I wear or read what I post ever. It has been an amazing experience so far, and always a positive one.

10. My friends & family
Last but not least the main source of my happiness comes from my interactions with both my friends and family. It's so great to know that you will always have someone that has your back, cheesy as that sounds. =)

....and 10 blogs I <3:


  1. My favorite maki roll is yellowtail & scallion too!

  2. Have you tried the Tart Honey frozen yogurt by Edy's? It's amazing! Well, if you like honey I guess, but oh my goodness if you do...I could seriously eat a whole container in one sitting. Hope you are having a great trip!!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout, Rosa! Gahh Savannah is Sooo^1000 adorable, I die!! I want to squeeze her! And I snickered a little when I read the "brunch" entry. It's my favorite meal, too, and yes, the fact that brunch makes it perfectly acceptable to order a Bloody Mary at 11am adds oodles to the allure. My favorite brunch munch has to be quiche (spinach, ham, mushroom, or any combination of the three!)
    I can not get behind the sushi bandwagon though. I refuse.
    Now let's see your outfit!

  4. Man, I love brunch, too! Bloody Marys are my favorite as is drinking in the daytime. I am not a night owl but a girl needs her booze, man! I really miss sushi- it's been AGES since I've had it :(

    Can I have Savannah? Please? Fine :(

  5. Mmmm, brunch! Unfortunately, I don't have it that often, though. And it's amazing that you know how to sail! When did you take it up? And why? I'm always curious as to how people get into their more "unusual" hobbies!

  6. I enjoy all of these things too! I feel like a brunchaholic each week when I pester my boyfriend to go out. And frozen yogurt with mango, fruit pebbles, and mochi?? We are twinners! I heard that some places have "yogurt chips" they can put on it, which sounds totally delicious.

    Thanks for the shoutout, lady!