Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here Goes Something...

What I'm wearing:
*anthropologie Cascading Ruffle Cardigan (similar here)
*aerie Crochet Back Tank
*Martin + Osa Slim Jeans in Black (similar here)
*Taryn Rose Patent Flats (similar here)
*Forever 21 Pearl Bib Necklace (similar here and here)
*Michael Kors Black Oversized Watch

This is actually what I wore to the Knicks game last night but I really liked the way it turned out so I'm wearing it again today (I promise I'm not gross, only wore this for a few hours). I'm not big into basketball, but my friend had an extra box seat ticket, so I tagged along and had a great time! (And they won!)

I'm glad that it's finally nice out enough to be able to wear flats. I avoid them in the winter because I feel like my feet get so cold! These Taryn Rose black patent flats are my absolute favorite. They are amazingly comfortable, I loved them and reached for them constantly when I worked in retail. 

I'm impressed with the quality of this Forever 21 pearl bib necklace. Forever 21 jewelry is so hit or miss, especially when you only see it online. This bib necklace is so fun and I thought it added a bit of sparkle to a pretty basic outfit.

I can't believe I'm wearing jeans, especially with heels. I always feel so stumpy in them, I don't think I'm leggy enough to pull of the skinny jean look. I usually don't reach for pants but for some reason I was drawn to them. I think it's probably because it's not quite yet warm for bare legs + skirts, and I really did not feel like pulling on a pair of tights.

Thank you to everyone for the nice words of encouragement from yesterday's post. Today is only Day 2 since my declaration, but hey you got to start somewhere right?

And just because it's a Wednesday, here's a bonus shot of Savannah.


  1. Love the outfit- I've tried in vain to get my hands on that cardi..for sooo long! And the F21 necklace is awesome, I mught need to pick that up too. I have the same problem with jeans. I really really want to do the skinny-jeans-with-flowy-top-and-fitted-blazer look, but it just makes me look so stumpy and chunky :(
    Lately I've been considering bringing my wide-leg jeans back into rotation though...
    Good for you for quitting shopping cold turkey! I made that resolution last week- it's been a full week since I last bought something to wear. I'm stoked (and by stoked I mean itching to hit "checkout" on my J.Crew basket)

  2. Great outfit. I think you look great w/ the skinny jeans! btw, did you get the F21 bib necklace recently? I've gotta hunt those done. It looks fabulous on you!!

  3. that cardigan is soo darling. :) also, your pups it too cute!

  4. I love this, Rosa. I forget how wonderful it is to wear pants. I should wear them more often.

  5. the whole look is really great! ^^
    and Savannah is so cute!

  6. TaraB,
    I think that look would work perfectly on you!!

    I bought it pretty recently online, but it's unfortunately sold out now. Maybe some stores will still have it?

  7. You are definitely leggy enough for the skinny jeans look! You look wonderful in them! I had the same fear about wearing skinny jeans myself because I'm really stumpy (AND I have wide hips, which only emphasizes how short my legs are, grrr) but I've been told that the skinny jeans actually make me look taller than bootcut/wideleg jeans. Weird, no? You can always hem the length of your skinnies too so that they don't give away the fact that you're "too short" for them.

    I love this outfit! It's absolutely casual chic. You look comfortable but still so pulled together!

  8. I love that bib necklace. How gorgeous with the pearls. You look sophisticated and uniquely you.

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  9. Savannah is so cute!

    I looked everywhere at my local f21 for that necklace and couldn't find it. It is really pretty.

    You look great in flats with skinny jeans. Not sure you could look stumpy ever!

  10. I am LOVING your recent outfit posts! They represent the feeling of Spring beautifully! I can't wait for this dreary Boston weather to finally be over so I can finally pull out my dresses again! Also, will you be anything to your blog sales? I always look forward to them!

  11. I love this! And fwiw, I think you look taller in your photos - I remember asking how tall you are and being surprised it wasn't taller! You NEVER look "stumpy" Not in the least!

    And as soon as I buy the Wright dress, I will be right there with you on the shopping ban!

  12. Oh yay, that's the same bib necklace I have! :) It's so heavy and I am not used to wearing such statement pieces, but it really packs a punch outfit-wise, which I love. The jeans look great on you – makes me think I might finally need to get myself some black jeans!

  13. ooh love the cute puppy pic :) I think this is my first time leaving a comment but I LOVE your blog and your outfits! You really make me wish that we had Anthropologie in town :(

  14. Lady, I don't think jeans make you look "stumpy" whatsoever! It's interesting to see you in a casual look with jeans. Still very true to your sense of style with girly details.