Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Alternative to Real Pants

What I'm wearing:
Navy J.Crew Suiting Blazer
Madewell Chambray Workshirt
Marc Jacobs sweatpants
Anthropologie Sweater-Cuffed Booties

Apparently I love any alternatives to real pants. I just don't like them! I know this look isn't for everyone, and I am perfectly aware that sweatpants are not real pants (but hey, I wear leggings as pants a lot), but I find this to be a comfortable and casual look. I would never wear this to work, or any kind of setting like that. I told myself I'd be more adventurous in 2010 and this is one of the ways, to wear something that I would never even have considered last year. I think the fitted blazer keeps it from looking too sloppy. Looking back I would have picked a more slim fitting pair of sweatpants, but I was working with what I had.

And yes, am still obsessed with these ankle boots!

I've decided that this outfit says, "Hi I'm a frat boy who forgot to put his pants on. Whoops." =) Not sure if I will wear this again, but at least I can say I tried!


  1. You know, I kind of like it. I sleep in sweatpants and yogapants, and they're just so comfortable! I love the cozy look of the booties with the sweatpants. And I agree, it's a fun, adventurous outfit, but not for work. For running around though, it's very playful!

  2. Ooooh! Wouldn't you know, I *love* this look! This reminds me of a look I saw in Vogue a few years ago, where the model was wearing a fitted blazer over sweats. Love the contrast. Also, I made a little trip to J.Crew last night to check out their blazers, and actually *really* liked 2 of the ones I saw, including the navy schoolboy version. Just wanted to let you know my new obsessive search for the perfect blazer(s) are all your fault. Again, referencing the Ann Taylor Lost sparkly tank outfit...

  3. I can't say I love sweatpants, but I think it's very cool that you are trying to explore and take fashion risks! Looking forward to future sartorial experiments ;)

  4. Love this look & how it has a statement and attitude of it's own. So casual chic! Not sure if you've stumbled across this site before but I love it for inspiration:
    A TON of the stuff is really out there (and not everyone's cup of tea) but I love seeing the extremes, the originality and the numerous possibilities. Every now and then you come across a gem, one of my personal favs (which reminds me of your outfit):

  5. thank you for trying something new! i'm not hating on fashion blogs, but a lot of ladies that blog are stuck in their own fashion ruts, so i like that you wanna keep it interesting! :)