Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your Love, Your Love, Your Love, is My Drug

What I'm wearing:
anthropologie Dress
BCBG Sweater Coat
Vintage Kissing Mice Belt Black
H&M Tights
Over the Knee Boots from eBay

It was really windy outside and that above photo was the only one that came out half-way decent.

These over the knee boots were my only clothing-related purchase in the past couple of weeks. I really liked the OTK trend, but really didn't feel like spending a lot of money on it. Also, I have a ton of boots and didn't really need another pair. But for some reason I was envisioning a lot of oufits with these. I found these faux suede boots on eBay, and for the cheap price ($35) I like them a lot! They are comfortable, and the faux suede doesn't look too terrible in real life. And when I'm sick of the trend, I won't really regret the money that I spent on them.

This dress is from anthropologie, and it's *very* similar to the Recollections Dress that I snagged on sale right before the holidays. (You can see me wearing it here.) It's only missing the lace overlay, the silhouette is identical. I paired it with a BCBG sweater coat that is marked as a sample. Both of these items are borrowed from my sister's closet! Seriously though, living with my sister is definitely keeping me from shopping. If I want to wear something new or different, I can just find it in my apartment.

I'm debating a Trader Joe's run today. I am having a huge craving for their Triple Ginger Snaps right now!



  1. So cute! I love the silhouette of the dress on you and I will once again give mad love to the kissing mice belt! So perfect!

  2. anonymous, you are correct! but i just deleted your comment b/c i don't want to put my address just out there!

  3. im liking the outfit rose! and the title...
    andd i definitely wanna try those boots on when i visit...

  4. I love that you used the Kei$ha song as your title. I'm obsessed with her album and I don't even know why?

  5. Fashion Therapist-
    I'm obsessed too!!! It's just so darn catchy

  6. I love your dress! I really want to to buy something from Antho soon. You look so cute! Following you now :)

  7. how did you find those boots? are they a certain brand? i've been looking at your blog every day and i keep coming back to stare at them. :)


  8. i think i found them! are your's suede?

  9. mine are faux suede, i just got them cheap off of ebay!

  10. rosa--sorry for the late reply, but entirely understand deleting my comment...i should have known better then to post a bldgs name--so sorry! too funny though--i lived there for 4 yrs! oh..the memories! :) hope you're enjoying it and welcome to the city! (stef)

  11. the title to this post grabbed me. i really gotta stop listening to kesha on the radio. such catchy smut, hehe. nice dress!!