Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dotty Downpour

(Louis looks on.)

What I'm wearing:
Cream Sutton Studio Cashmere T-neck from Bloomingdale's
Grey anthropologie Knit Dress (Velvet Brand), circa Fall 2008
anthropologie Dotty Downpour Tights
Black Frye Lisa T-Straps from Urban Outfitters
anthropologie Submerged Necklace
Banana Republic Trench

So I feel a bit geriatric wearing this turtleneck, but it is sooo soft and warm and it is very damp and chilly out today. I was definitely itching to wear my new anthropologie necklace and tights, and pretty much based the outfit around those items. (Thanks to the cloudy weather, I didn't really have any great indoor lighting today, so excuse the terrible quality photos. I will definitely try to get a better shot of the necklace soon.)

This dresses is definitely one of my favorites. It's very simple, but is made of a nice substantial knit and can transition easily between seasons. During the summer it's very easy to wear this on it's own with a light cardigan over it. I am really happy with the necklace, I think it's very unique and I really adore the wee octopus! I think that makes the whole necklace for me, along with the nautical theme with the rope and the pearls. I was concerned my outfit would be too overwhelmed with the Dotty Downpour tights, but I feel like the navy color keeps it from being too over the top. I am a tights fiend (in case you haven't noticed already) and these didn't disappoint! How appropriate that I am wearing these tights on a rainy day.

I wasn't originally going to take pictures or post, but I decided that I am going to make a strong attempt to take photos of all my outfits, whether I am in love with them or not.

I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the new header, I may still play around with it. I wanted to make it a bit brighter and fresher for spring.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I will post my giveaway tomorrow, so stay tuned! =)


  1. Ahhh I LOVE those tights! Those are so coming home with me!

  2. So sweet tights and wonderful necklace!!

  3. The new header is great. I especially love the cat -- nice touch of whimsy. It's great to see the Submerged Necklace in an outfit too, I have been back and forth on that piece. Your weekend outfits put mine to shame!

  4. OMG THOSE TIGHTS. The best tights I've ever seen in... LIFE. haha. No exaggeration.

  5. Those tights are adorable!!! Could you tell me the color of the bows and dots? They look light blue, but on the website they look white. I am debating whether or not to buy them.

  6. I love the new header and I really love that necklace. I mean, it has an OCTOPUS. I HAVE NO CHOICE. It looks like a nice size- how is the quality? I have had trouble with expensive-ish anthro necklaces looking cheap.

  7. Rachel-
    The bows seem to be very dark blue/black. I *think* the dots are pale blue. The reason I am not 100% sure is that I just packed away these tights and can't take another look at them.

    The quality is decent at that anthropologie pricepoint. I don't think it looks cheap, but I wouldn't say it's amazing quality either. For me the cute design sucked me in!