Friday, January 8, 2010

I Can't Believe It's a Snow Day

Maybe it's because I grew up in New Jersey, where inches of snow didn't necessarily guarantee a school closing, maybe just a delayed opening if we were lucky. And I just came from Maryland, where a couple of weeks ago we were hit by one of the biggest blizzards in recent history. So I was not really expecting a school closing. Anyways, let's just say that all Atlanta schools shut down at the mere suggestion that it might snow. (Pansies.) Therefore we are off to the mall today!

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Tartine Cardigan in Navy
Madewell Plaid top
J.Crew Cotton Nico skirt
black tights
anthropologie Sweater-Cuffed Booties
Rebecca Minkoff Matinee bag in Glazed Almond
J.Crew hat (only $7!)

Am excited to go check out anthropologie, J.Crew, Forever 21, etc. Maybe stop by get some Zaxby's, some frozen yogurt. A snow day isn't so bad!

Here is my sister frolicking in the frozen tundra with Louis!

Can I add that I was planning on wearing my Tawny Acres boots today with my outfit, but Teresa put hers on first. So I conceded and am wearing my Sweater-Cuffed booties again.


  1. HOORAY for snow days! You look great- I love that skirt! I think if my brother were a girl, we would have the exact same wardrobe. Your sis and puppy are too cute.

  2. Oh yay!!! I went to school in Athens (UGA), and sadly, while I was there, we never once got any snow. Good for you!!

  3. I look forward to seeing what you get today! You look great as usual. Sisters are wonderful--my sister comes to visit me with empty bags and she leaves with them filled. At least, I never have problems cleaning out my closet!

  4. That hat is *awesome* -- so cheery and jaunty. I can't believe it was only $7! And your sister looks too cute!

    I also think your landing/backdrop is beautiful :)

  5. It is pretty hilarious how Atlanta completely shuts down at the hint of snow. On the other hand, ATL also doesn't have the salt trucks and snow plows that the Northeast does, so we are pretty much screwed even with a dusting.

    Love all the layering of your outfits - perfect for Atlanta winters.

  6. I daresay I or one of my sisters knows your sister? She looks *very* familiar!!

  7. And also, I am totally drooling over your matinee!! I have gazed at and held a few, but cannot convince myself I really really need one yet.