Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vintage Rose

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Merino Rose Corsage Cardigan in Vintage Rose
LOFT Paisley Jersey knit tank dress
black tights
anthropologie Tawny Acres boots
Botkier Trigger Clyde Satchel

Pink is not a color I reach for often, but once in awhile it can totally brighten up my day. Love this "vintage rose" color from J.Crew, I know it has a bit of a grandma feel to it but I find it feminine and flirty. This jersey knit dress was my steal from LOFT ($3!!), I packed it for my stay at my parents' house because I knew I could layer any one of a bazillion possible cardigans over it. I think the vintage pink does a nice job of brightening up the darker print. This outfit is a teensy bit too saccharine for me, but it made me happy which is important, right?

Pulled this old Botkier Clyde satchel out of hiding. I love the hunter green color, and the distressed leather that just seems to get better with time. Bought this ages ago with my sister at Neiman Marcus Last Call for a steal. We just couldn't walk away from it!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Today we went out for brunch, I had the most delicious pumpkin pancakes. (I love anything pumpkin flavored.) My sister got french toast, another favorite of mine, so of course I had to steal a couple of bites. Yum!


  1. I love this look! And the bag!!! OMG!! LOVE!!!

  2. $3!!!! That's such a great deal for a dress that you will surely be able to transition through the seasons. Seeing you and your sister in your Tawny Acres boots makes me regret not buying them.

  3. Rosa--I love how daring you are with your color combination today! I would never have thought to pair pink with blue and finish it off with hunter's green! They are in harmony with each other. Great job!

  4. I loved that bag when it came out and I STILL love that bag now. Glad you pulled it out. Also that's a great steal for $3. You really can't go wrong. :)

  5. That bag is perfection. Seriously. And you're making me want that cardigan a leeetle too much. But that bag. That BAG! I am very very very picky about purses but that one is insane. I think I must have it.

  6. That's such a weirdly delicious color scheme you've got going on...the papaya color with the green and blue 0.o Adore.

  7. I love the whole outfit obviously, but seriously sweating the boots and bag, especially the bag. That color is divine!!

  8. Love the color combo Rosa - you look awesome and are always an inspiration for me when I'm getting dressed and try color combos :-)
    I really love, love, love those boots and wish I had them.

  9. Love your bag and your sweater! Your color combo today is so pretty.
    And LOFT has the best sales -- I got a dress there for $5. I felt like I was getting away with a crime or something, haha so amazing!
    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  10. It does look a little too sweet, but I think the blue dress tones it down

    If you tried to wear a pink dress or white with that pink sweater, it would be too much

    With that being said.. I want the entire outfit.

  11. I love the colours in this outfit- especially the cardigan, dress and bag together. Wouldn't mind all those items myself. :D

    Florrie x

  12. I have a dark green RM MAM that I've had for years and it is still my go-to handbag. I love how it matches with tons of things and is a little more oomphy than black. I also admire how you are so stylish even while hanging out at your parents' house. I go dumpy casual whenever I visit mine.

  13. i love your cardigan, its so sweet!
    and awesome colour mixing :)

    Fancy Pants