Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great Escape

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Wool Schoolboy Blazer
aerie Striped Boatneck Tee
anthropologie Great Escape Skirt
Target cable-knit thigh high socks
anthropologie Sweater-Cuffed Booties

I felt a little silly taking these photos. I feel like I am taking a photo for the senior yearbook, right next to the mantel! Oh well the lighting was perfect here, I really love how there is so much sunlight at my parents' house.

The bright skirt is an attempt at denial at the cold weather outside. The name is appropriate, I think of it as a Great Escape! It is so bright and cheery and it makes me smile. The cable knit thigh highs kept me pretty warm but they kept falling down. FAIL. Guess I should stick to tights from now on.

Scored these ankle boots on sale at anthropologie! I love them, they are so comfortable and I feel like they will go with a ton of what I wear, and comfort is key.

After seeing these photos I feel like something is missing from my outfit. I feel like a big anchor pendant would have been a nice finishing touch. Unfortunately my things are scattered everywhere! I really need to be better organized when packing.

Right now I am just relaxing in the quiet house, enjoying a cup of coffee, and watching "You've Got Mail" on television. Not my favorite Meg Ryan movie, but it's nice to have in the background.


  1. I always look at my outfits post-facto and think "Oh, I should have worn this and that and that to make it better!" Maybe I should look at my pictures before heading out the door perhaps? ;) I do think you look really sweet in this outfit though anyway! Like you, I also try to deny the cold weather with bright items of clothing in the winter, and I think your cheery yellow skirt is kind of amazing for that. Oh, and I love your boots.

    Sorry for my deluge of comments btw, I am catching up on all the blogs in my RSS reader just now after a too-long break from internetting. Good luck with settling in in NYC :)

  2. Yikes, I actually kind of love You've Got Mail :P

  3. I love this look Rosa - so cute and cozy!

  4. I am in love with my Great Escape skirt and I love it on you here, too! I think I want to try it with a grey striped sweater of mine now that I see this on you! And I have always done a double-take for those booties- they look awesome. I'm glad to hear they're comfortable, too.

  5. LOVE the bright skirt and omg those booties!!

    I love those socks, I have them in gray and black they're so soft and warm =)