Monday, January 25, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

What I'm wearing:
Forever 21 Sweater Tunic
J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck in Cranberry
Black Aerie leggings
Steve Madden Intyce Boots in Cognac
anthropologie Butterfly Headband

Today is one of those nasty drizzly days where you don't want to venture outside at all. Alas, I have several errands to run, and my apartment is in dire need of a few items (lamps, bookshelves, etc.) so I will be venturing into the grey mist that is covering Manhattan at the moment. I had a few outfit ideas in my head, and was planning on attempting some outdoor photos today, but the rain killed that idea. Since moving I have been very uninspired to get dressed (I didn't get out of sweatpants yesterday), and this is just another comfortable outfit that will be hidden under my trench anyway for most of the day.

These are my ancient Intyce boots that have seen a *lot* of rainy days along the cobblestones of Georgetown. I bought myself a fresh pair, but I decided that this worn out pair will do for rainy weather. Leggings are also a necessity because I hate it when pants or flats get water on them, it makes me cranky for the rest of the day. My purse is also coated canvas which makes it water resistant, and with a trench and umbrella, I'm set to battle the elements today.


**ETA: It is now sunny and WARM right now. I walked over to the post office and thought I was going to melt. As soon as I walked out the sun was shining. I definitely am changing!***


  1. It been pouring rain too, here in Montreal over our pile of snow. Quite unusual for our normally very cold winter.

    Cute outfit for rainy day! I like your boot!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  2. I love how you can make a babydoll-ish tuni look sleek and I still can't get over your hair!

    Enjoy NYC - is your move there temporary or are you there for good now?

    One thing I won't miss about the city is how much more expensive everything is there - like $10 for a pack of cigarettes! (Not that I smoke, but that seems outrageous).

  3. Lisa, I am here for at least a year, and then I will decide if i want to stay! and yes i think everything is *so* *so* expensive!!!!

  4. That sounds awesome - I'm so excited for you! You already look like a hip New Yorker.