Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best of 2009

Yeah, yeah I know it's already six days into our new decade. I have been lacking reliable internet and didn't have access to my laptop, so I've been a bit behind. It was tricky to pick my favorite outfits because I only started to take consistent photographs starting the summer of 2009. Well here we go, my top 10 outfits from 2009!

(Click for a better look!)

I really feel like 2009 was the year that I really started to have more fun with clothes. It was definitely a banner year for experimentation and discovering more about my style and attempting to develop it a bit more. One thing is for sure, I am not a minimalist! I also have a long lasting love affair with ruffles, mustard yellow, belts, and bright colors. Here's to having more fun with clothes in 2010!


  1. Hi Rosa,
    I loved all of your top 10 outfits but I think you should have a top 20 because there are waaaay more OOTD's that you've done that have been major inspiration for me! Between you, Kim(anthroholic), Roxy(effortless anthropologie), Tien (adiaphane) and Maria (Infinite Whimsy) I consider getting dressed everyday so much more fun with all that inspiration!


  2. I love ALL your outfits!! Seriously, the other day I went back through the other months (I hadn't found you yet) and loved all the ways you put outfits together. I'm right there with you that 2009 (the latter part for me) was a good time for experimentation, and here's to making 2010 even more fashionable!
    p.s. I sent you an email regarding the blueberry Anthro skirt!

  3. Rosa - I love all of these outfits, but you missed my favorite on you - the one with the Fulmar Bird skirt and rust cardi :-) You were my inspiration for that one!!

    Jadan - that's SO sweet of you to mention me in your comments - thank you!

  4. Rosa, all the outfits you picked are fabulous, but you missed my favorite: the All That Glitters outfit, with the Miu Miu Naplaks and the Ann Taylor Loft Sparkle Sequin Tank. I haven't been able to stop dreaming about acquiring all the pieces in that outfit, I even blogged about that outfit...I'm heartbroken.

  5. lol Kim I realized that I missed a bunch of my own personal favorites too! the Fulmar skirt + rust cardigan, and the anthro Boutonierre dress with rust cardigan.

    Tara, that was one of my favorites too! i see the miu mius on ebay occasionally (i sold my red colorway ones that way), i'd keep my eyes peeled!

    maybe this list needs to be amended....

  6. Rosa, it would be interesting if you could set up a poll or something where people could write in and tell you what their fave outfit on you was in 2009, and to compile a top10 people's favorites list :P

  7. I love that so many of these outfits are floral patterns- you wear them so well. I can't wait to see how your style changes during the year.

  8. What a beautiful set of outfits Rosa! You wear color so well, it's really impressive. 2009 has obviously been a great year for your sartorially ;) I think I have been reading your blog since the very beginning (I commented on one of your first posts long ago), and I have really enjoyed everything you have posted since!