Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Evening Primrose

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Evening Primrose cardigan
grey Gap ruffle tank
black J.Crew knit skirt (it has pockets!)
Aerosoles lace up wedges
Forever 21 leaf necklace
Prada eyeglasses

Wore this to my sorority alumnae book club meeting last night! Sorry for the wet hair, I took a quick snap as soon as I got dressed last night. I also look incredibly geeky wearing my glasses, but my eyes were pretty tired yesterday and I hate driving at night. I felt like it gave me the bookworm look, which is totally appropriate since I was going to book club.

The look without the cardigan:

I pulled the skirt up a bit high because otherwise the length was too dowdy on me. But it is made out of knit jersey and it is amazingly comfortable. *And* has pockets! Perfect.

1 comment:

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