Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That Little Blue Box

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew embroidered flowers tee
J.Crew Bow skirt
faux pearls, triple wrapped
nude patent Guess slingbacks
black signature Gucci bag

Every girl has experienced it, getting and opening the small Tiffany blue box, all wrapped up in white ribbon. Robin's egg blue, or "Tiffany blue" has always been one of my favorite colors. So of course when J.Crew came out with this bow skirt (I also am a sucker for bows), I knew I had to have it! I do feel extra lady-like today. I think it's the combination of the flower tee, pearls, bow skirt, and logo bag.


  1. too bad i had to buy most of my own tiffany though. haha. you look great. love that skirt!

  2. I am SO jealous of your skirt. It makes me want to cry, but you look so pretty Rosa!

  3. i love your skirt!


  4. wow that skirt is amazing! nice outfit!