Friday, September 11, 2009

Rainy Day Roses

I am loving this rainy weather! I know that sounds strange, but I love the cooler weather, and my favorite things to do is stay in bed during storms. But today I am going to overcome my day-off laziness and go run some errands (nothing too exciting). I always wear my cognac flat boots in the rain, they are so worn out and scuffed but I like them that way.

What I'm wearing:
anthropologie open ruffle cardigan
black Martin + Osa sleeveless v-neck (excellent for layering)
J.Crew (outlet) abstract rose skirt
cognac Steve Madden Intyce flat boots
glazed ruby Foley & Corinna Jetsetter Jr. bag

I absolutely loved J.Crew's abstract rose pattern, but the items that they carried it in never worked for me (i.e. dress). But I picked up this skirt at the outlet and I love it!

Close-up of my bag, it too is very worn in and scuffed but I like to think it just adds character. It is one of my favorite purses ever.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! =)


  1. wow, love this look. great skirt and bag!

  2. I have a dark brown F+C which I take everywhere, but I love the ruby!

  3. I have those boots and <3 them! Do you know if your outlet still carries the abstract rose skirt? I haven't seen any at the ones near me =/