Thursday, September 17, 2009

cloudy with a chance of meatballs

What I'm wearing:
green Anthropologie ruffle tunic
(lace slip underneath to make it more appropriate)
vintage kissing mice belt
black knit cardiwrap from a boutique in nashville
black patent Taryn Rose ballet flats
black Handmaid by MF bag

I have the day off today and I am determined to be productive. On the list of things I have to do:
1. Go grocery shopping to cook some Korean food tonight (I am very very nervous about this)
2. Go buy the next Sookie Stackhouse novel (I'm onto the second to last one I believe)
3. Find where my fall/winter skirts are in the hodgepodge of crap in the spare room
4. Clean. And then clean some more.


  1. you look great!!! I love the cardiwrap, I'd love to find one like that, I also want a closeup up your kissing mice belt, it sounds so adorable!!

  2. Adorable outfit!

    i love how you used the slip under the tunic, very creative.

  3. I need to read those books! I heard they're really good and I love True Blood! And I love the way you rocked that coat with the pop of color of the dress!

  4. Yay!! Good luck with the Korean food. I always have to have my mom on the phone with me while I cook....

  5. i love this outfit! the tunic looks so great with the lace slip showing. :)

  6. i just love your style:)