Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Electric Feel

The transition from summer to fall always involves layers. You can never predict what the temperature will be later on in the day, and I hate that. This Thakoon for Target dress is one that I commandeered from my sister, and I love it! I love the bright and electric colors in it. Thought it would be perfect for layering with my cobalt blazer.

What I'm wearing:
cobalt Madewell cotton twill blazer
floral Thakoon for Target dress
vintage kissing mice belt
gold BCBG flats
coral necklace from Loehmann's

I am declaring today to be the first day of my new healthy eating habits! This has nothing to do with shopping or fashion but I figured my blog is a good place to "say" it out loud and hold myself accountable. My food intake has been disastrous (and delicious) lately, but I can feel my clothes getting tighter. That is so not cool! I need to buck up and start eating better. =) Wish me luck! Any healthy eating blog recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


  1. good luck! I'm trying to eat better too, don't always make the right decisions, but since I'm down almost 5 lbs, must be doing something right!

  2. such gorgeous colors. that blue is a fave of mine.

    my cousin just started a blog about diet and exercise.

    i would also like to find blogs about healthy eating advice. i will ask her to post something about that.