Friday, December 11, 2009

All That Glitters

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Long Boyfriend Blazer in Black
Ann Taylor LOFT Sequin Sparkle Tank in Nude Pink (available in Grey online)
Madewell '37s skinny jeans
Miu Miu Naplak Patch Pumps in Nudo

Everyone needs some sparkle in their life. What better time than Friday night? LOVE this sequin tank. It makes me feel all fancy. =) I felt like the jeans dressed down the sequins a bit, and decided against any extraneous jewelry, I'm all shiny anyway.

My hair is not up! I know, crazy times. I've just been too lazy to do much with it, I feel like when I wear it down I need to really work on it, or I just look kind of messy. Which is why I usually go for the bun or ponytail. But I had some extra time to get ready this morning so I decided I should try to look like a contributing member of society.

Oh gosh I love these Miu Mius so much! (Even though I need to use Foot Petals with them!) I waited until they went on sale and stalked until they popped up in my size.

TGIF and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!! I am looking forward to the Eastport Parade of Lights tomorrow night! (Boats decorate with lights and other holiday fun.) I have never been and am really excited about it.

Hope everyone is staying warm! It is FREEZING here! I was shivering in this, I will probably add a cashmere scarf to keep me a bit cozier. I really need to find somewhere else to take OOTDs, not sure how long I can keep this up!


  1. Seriously, what size shoes are you?! I am going have to stealthily sneak into your closet. If your shoes go missing, I had nothing to do with it.

    And I love your hair. I think the bangs look great on you.

  2. omg, it was with great pain that I realized those shoes are long gone online...when did you find them? please tell me they were >$250 and out of my heels budget ; )p

  3. I want that tank! I wish online had it..sold out of grey too :(

  4. I love that tank- it just looked funny on me. It looks so great on you!

  5. I love those shoes! I remember Steve Madden or someone had knockoffs and I wanted to get them, then waited too late and *sigh*. They look great on you though. And your hair is awesome, you always look so cute and put together!

  6. Hi rosa-

    thanks for your advice on the m+o cardis. it seems like i am tts in the "easy-fit" ones but have to size up for the long/lean. this soy-cashmere blend is ridiculously soft and amazing! :-)

  7. Rosa - you look awesome! Love the tank, and I'll be eternally jealous of those shoes! I got the Go Jane k/o's which look the same, but hurt my feet like hell!!

  8. Hey, Did you buy a new pair of intyces? The color of the boots changed.. just an observation. You should do a blog about your boots! I love your shoe collection! Love your blog~

  9. jenny- you are very observant!! i bought a new pair of cognac Intyces a while ago to replace my *very* worn out pair!

    kim- don't feel so bad, these miu mius are killer on m feet too!

    jcbellemarie- i actually scored them for $236 online! (can't believe i actually remember the exact dollar amount, but i *really* wanted these)

  10. Amazing shoes.
    And I love the mixing of fancy with casual.

  11. dayammm girl, I would have totally been on that! Great score. Soooo pretty!

  12. Rosa - love the outfit, especially the tuxedo jacket. Clearly the shirt speaks for itself but the whole outfit together is genius - it looks great on you!

  13. How beautiful! I really love the outfit :)

    And envious of your beautiful shoes! Would you believe I actually have a pair (one of the darker colorways, pink/maroon, I forget the name), but they are a size too small for me...I can fit my feet in them, but can't imagine wearing them for too long! I ordered them off of eBay (admittedly at a steal of a price) knowing they wouldn't fit me, but I'm happy to just have them in my possession so I can stare at them, they really are just so beautiful!