Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cozy Cardigan Time!

What I'm wearing:
Forever 21 Snowy Sweater Cardigan
J.Crew Toothpick Ankle Cords in Soft Ochre
Stella McCartney Patent Cap-toe Mary Janes
Martin + Osa Bubble necklace
New York & Company Bow Tote in Black

I love the patent cap toe!

This is the sweater that I had to track down the woman wearing it and ask her where she got it from! It made me super happy when she said it was a recent buy from Forever 21. I love the fair isle woven pattern, and it is super cozy (perfect for this chilly weather).

I am not a huge pants wearer (as you can see from this blog). I definitely prefer skirts and dresses over pants, except for maybe some pairs of jeans. To be honest one of the major reasons for that is because most standard sized pants are way too long on my shortie legs. With dresses you never have to worry about that! But then I recently discovered these toothpick ankle cords from J.Crew. Where have you been all my life? I love them in this Soft Ochre color paired with grey, but I am also eyeing a few more colors. I think they would look cute tucked into boots as well.

The bow tote was a steal around Thanksgiving time, I had never really shopped at NY&Co, but I do love me some bows! Everything on their website was half off for Black Friday, so I ordered this bag in two colors (black and taupe), and a smaller bow bag with a chain. I figured for such a cheap price, I wouldn't mind the faux leather. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the bag, and I think it's my new favorite! After gifting my former everyday black bag to my sister (Foley & Corinna Mini City tote), I'd been in dire need of an easy to carry black bag. This is it!!!

This is another cozy outfit from me. It is cold out!! BRRR. But it definitely does get me in the holiday spirit, and wanting to sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate and eating Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe Joe's (they are AMAZING).


  1. Love this! The cords, the sweater...perfect for winter!

  2. I just bought this sweater. Thanks so much it looks promising. Im hoping it fits ok!

  3. i love the color of the cords..and i am NOT a fan of cords in general..
    i will be borrowing that cute tote of yours!

  4. Mmmm, dark chocolate peppermint joe joes... Those sound amazing! I miss Trader Joe's since I moved back to Texas. I hear you on the pants for short legs dilemma! I have to hem or tuck all of my jeans/pants because I have stumpy legs. Boo... Even the shortest inseams are 3-4 inches too long on me! I love your sweater, the tie waist is too adorable! And the shoes! A patent toe cap? LOVE!

  5. I miss Trader Joe's so much!

    Also, it is AWESOME that that sweater is from F21! I think I'll head over there tonight- it's one store we DO have in the greater Memphis area.

  6. Rosa, I love love this outfit!! Adore the pants, I own several shades of the JCrew toothpick style, and they totally rock with your sweater!! Awesome outfit.

  7. That sweater looks great on you--love how it's F21. The soft ochre is a pretty color, and maybe you think this is cozy, but the heels make it really put together too. :)

  8. ....and I'm going to have to go directly to F21 and purchase that sweater - gracias!

  9. I want all of your clothes! And you look *amazing* in skinny cords, so jealous!

  10. This outfit looks amazing and so flattering! Makes me want to go out and buy it all, especially the cords, right now!

  11. I showed your blog to my GF and she like you a lot, especially with the cardigan. I think she'll add this cardigan to my Christmas list ;)!!