Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Argyle With a Twist

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew (outlet) white button down shirt
J.Crew Argyle sweater dress
anthropologie studded belt
Target thigh high socks
Same Edelman Dupree Lace-up Boot in Brown (black available here)

Sorry for the lack of updates! The snow has kept my wardrobe pretty functional but not quite cute. This argyle sweater dress is pretty cozy, especially layered with sweater tights and boots with fuzzy insides. I am such a sucker for argyle. I like it on sweaters, socks, scarves, anything. You can't see in this photo, but the bottom part of my Target socks are argyle! I always planned on wearing this dress with a collared shirt underneath, but felt that it was a tad too expected. Decided that adding a studded belt and lace-up boots decreased the stuffiness level of this dress just a little bit.

Love these lace-up boots. Mine are from NM Last Call, but they are still available in black at freepeople.com. Even with a heel, these boots are so comfortable it feels like they are flat ones.

You can see that there is still plenty of snow piled up outside. I have only started driving my car today, and *ugh* my neighborhood roads are absolutely horrendous. It's times like this I miss my SUV with 4-wheel drive! But at least for now the snow is pretty and white, maybe it will be a White Christmas after all!


  1. Those boots are super cute! You look fantastic as always (and warm, too).

  2. Great outfit! I love how the boots and the belt toughen up the preppy look.

    This argyle sweater dress will always be the one that got away for me. I have two other argyle dresses, but they look nowhere near as nice as the J.Crew one.

  3. You look so flippen awesome!!!! I want to steal your clothes, muahahaha.

  4. This is awesome! I love it all together, especially the belt! You look so tall and slender.

  5. Is this an older dress? Can't find it anywhere!!! :( Consider selling stuff you don't want anymore!

  6. Love the print of your dress and that you toughened up your look with those boots. Hope you have a wonderful holiday! :) - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  7. nicole,
    the sweater dress is from fall 2007. one of the best items that year, along with so many others from the paris catalog!

  8. tastymoog, thanks for replying to nicole! =)

    i was so sad that i missed this dress when it was new but i actually bought it used recently, so glad i got it!

  9. i heart that dress

  10. Ahhh, adore your boots, they are so pretty! And that twisted zipper is so cool! And the color looks so nice against your wooly tights.

    I remember when this argyle dress came out, and I promptly clicked away from the product page because I didn't think it was possible to really look good in it -- the pattern was so overwhelming that it seemed like one would get lost behind it. But you look great, I think especially because you wonderfully broke up the dress at the waist with that (pretty!) black belt. The dress makes you look slim and elegant :)