Friday, December 4, 2009

Somewhere Only We Know

What I'm wearing:
anthropologie Here-Today-Here-Tomorrow dress
J.Crew Forever cardigan
vintage kissing mice belt
black Hue tights
black Gucci ankle boots

I love this dress! I am always a sucker for dresses that have different tops and bottoms (what are they called?), and this was no exception. I had definitely eyed it in store at full price, but I'm glad I waited until it went on sale. The bottom grey part is actually a herringbone pattern, sorry I don't have a close-up. Love the longer length of this cardigan, I'm trying to resist buying more colors! But I really don't need another cardigan. I think I've done enough damage for the rest of 2009! I should be buying for others!!!

You probably noticed I got bangs! I really hate them in this photo, I didn't feel like spending a lot of time on my hair. It will probably be up in a bun or a ponytail very soon. I really wanted a change but didn't want to cut my hair too short. The bangs were an impulse decision but I'm okay with them for now.

It's silly but I'm really excited to paint my nails with this color tonight. It's from the OPI Holiday collection and it's called "Merry Midnight", with a ton of excellent glitter and shimmer. (I took advantage of Ulta's Buy 2 Get 1 Free OPI" deal.)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I have my sorority alumnae group Holiday Tea tomorrow which I am really excited about.


  1. I think they're called "ensemble dresses"? Also I forgot about your kissing mice belt! I love it and want it... perhaps even covet it. Wooohooo bangs! We are bangs buddies now.

  2. i love your belt!
    and that skirt is really nice ^^.


  3. Love your new hair! And this is such a great outfit. I"m loving those Gucci boots!

  4. You look adorable Rosa! I 2nd Maria that I think dresses like that are called "ensemble dresses". I'm a sucker for them, whatever they're called!

  5. Love the bangs...supercute :)

  6. As I commented on Twitter, love the bangs! I didn't like mine at first but they're really flattering on lots of face shapes :)

  7. Anthropologie calls them ensemble dresses, but I've seen them called something else on other websites. I just can't remember what!

  8. That's a great dress—it makes your legs look miles long too! :) I am a big fan of bangs (on others...they just don't work in my hair and I always regret getting them, which I do every couple of years). It's always like *this time it will be different!* but it never is for me. I have a very dark purple shimmery nail polish on right now (it's a Rimmel 60-second one from Ulta). I wasn't sure at first, but I am loving dark polish for winter.

  9. Love that outfit. I'm a huge fan of that kind of dress. I have the hardest time keeping things tucked in, and that dress gives the look of a top/skirt outfit without the fuss.

  10. that gray skirt with these deep colors is such a beautiful contrast. great belt, too!