Sunday, December 13, 2009

All Wrapped Up

In bows that is! Ok, I need to stop with my bow obsession. I mean, who am I, Emma Pillsbury? (By the way, I am very, very sad that Glee is gone for the season.) I didn't mean to repeat the bow motif, but I absolutely love the bow bags I ordered from NY&Co and have been carrying both of these non-stop.

What I'm wearing:
Martin + Osa Essential Cashmere cardigan in Reindeer Red
J.Crew Bow Tee
Anthropologie Twilit skirt
black Taryn Rose pumps
New York & Company Bow purse

Love the cheerful red color of my cardigan, and cashmere is always lovely. I don't see the tee on the J.Crew website, but it just has a simple bow printed on it in velvet, so it's a nice holiday touch. With the red, the bows, and metallic threads in the skirt, I feel very festive and ready for the holidays!

The red cardigan is much more vibrant in real life. Hate my indoor photos! I'm not sure what a good solution that is, anyone have any suggestions?

Omg I look like a giant next to the tree. I swear I am not that huge in person. If you look closely you can probably spot my cat Bear! He is camouflaged pretty well though.

I think this is what I'd imagine Santa's secretary would wear, if she were my age, ha!

Closer look at the purse. It's faux leather, but it's such a perfect size for going out or running some quick errand.

* * * * * * * *

Also just wanted to rave about a movie that I watched over the weekend. Invictus stars Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela, and Matt Damon as the South African Rugby captain Francois Pienaar. As a former rugby player myself (rec team during college) I was really intrigued by this movie! Plus for some reason I am a HUGE sports movie fan. (ex. Remember the Titans, The Mighty Ducks, Miracle, etc) So glad that we went to go watch it, it was inspirational, and the movie also dealt with the issue of apartheid, how it had been such a huge part of South African history, and how Nelson Mandela really attempted to unite his country. Even though Matt Damon's accent was a little bit irritating, the movie had a lot of great rugby scenes and I really enjoyed it the whole way through!


  1. What a lovely outfit and decorated home (and I did spot Bear—I love spying blogger pets in photos). The more times I see you in the Twilit skirt the more I'll wish my store had my size on the sale rack. :) That movie does sound interesting—I remember seeing a billboard for it and wondering what on earth that could be about.

  2. I like all the bows! You look very festive and cute =]

  3. :) I adore bows. And uh, I kind of aspire to be as cute and bow-tastic as Ms. Pillsbury someday. Anyway, love the outfit -- the shirt looks great with that red cardi and a pencil skirt!

  4. your outfit is so festive, without being over the top at all, love it!

    and kitty is too cute on the couch.

  5. Ok not that anyone cares, but if you are wondering why my post from this morning has disappeared, I deleted it by accident! I am on the bus wireless on my iPod touch and deleted it somehow while trying to edit it. Will be back posting as soon as I can!

  6. Um, if only we were all Emma Pillsbury. At least that's MY dream! Love it, you're making me want more bow bags!

  7. Love the outfit and that purse! May have to check it out during my lunch break.

  8. love that bow, how cute! i spotted bear immediately even though he blended into the sofa. he's so cute too!

  9. love your purse. saw it this weekend, now i'm sad that i didn't get it!

  10. This is the ultimate holiday outfit, for serious.

  11. this outfit is SO perfect! i want to copy every single detail for the holidays. the bow tee is really adorable, and so is that bag! really i love anything with a bow, so the more bows in an outfit, the better! ~joelle