Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lucky West Coast-ers.... Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale!

I have actually never made it to a Rebecca Minkoff sample sale but I am obsessed with her bags!! You have probably seen throughout my blog entries that I absolutely love my RMs and have several different styles. I'm not sure what styles will be available at these sample sales, but from what I've read in the past, they have had excellent selections, although popular styles and colors go fast.

Here are some of my favorite bags...

Here is me carrying my Morning After Clutch! (original post)

I love that you can wear this clutch in so many ways.

Matinee in Glazed Almond (original post)

Studded Devote tote in Black [gosh I look a hot mess] (original post)

Nikki in Leaf (original post)

Morning After Bag in Navy (original post)

The bag that started my obsession!

Ollie in Peacock (original post)

Love the peacock color!

Mini Nikki in Dark Brown (original post)

I can't believe I don't have a better photo of my favorite! This is the bag I reach for the most, it is a great versatile size and the dark brown color goes with everything.

I realized after posting all these pics that recently I never seem to include my bags in the my outfit of the day posts. I have also realized there are several bags I've been neglecting lately! All too often I just carry the same bag for a few days in a row because I am too busy to change them out. I need to give them more love!


  1. girl you have an amaaazing RM collection! i had no idea it was so extensive.

    and don't feel too bad about the sample sales- they're still pretty pricey, and the good colors get snatched up within the first hour. and they are insanely crowded, ugh. ~joelle

  2. ohhh i love your ollie and nikki! The colors are amazing.

  3. ooh, nice collection! I just bought my first RM, a straw fling, off the online sample sale...was tempted to go into SF on Saturday but that would make it REALLY hard to limit myself to 1 bag.

    I've been meaning to do a Hayden Harnett collection post but I don't know if I really want to know the total $ damage : )p!

  4. Nice collection! I want a RM bag real bad. I'm thinking maybe for my birthday in April. (will have to wait till then bc I think all my Christmas presents were bought).

  5. Your GA Mattie is TO DIE FOR.