Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cranberry Bliss

What I'm wearing:
grey J.Crew Dream Lycee t-neck sweater dress
anthropologie Calligrapher's tights in Crimson
wine patent Nine West Lucero pumps
Martin + Osa Bubbles necklace

It's another one of those dreary, rainy days that seem to go on forever. I felt that a cozy sweater dress would be perfect for the weather, and decided to pair the simple grey dress with some fun, cheerful sweater tights. (Helpful hint I've picked up: wear a slip between the dress and the tights to prevent them from sticking to each other)

I thought that the color reminded me of Starbucks' Cranberry Bliss bar, which is quickly becoming a favorite of mine (to the detriment of my waistline and my wallet).

Look how scrumptious that looks! After googling, I found this recipe online. I will be sure to try it out soon!


  1. Wow, I love those tights. I have two lengths of half slips, in beige and black—they are a must have with non-lined skirts/dresses! That snack sounds awfully tasty...I had a work-through lunch but now have time for a break, and there's a Starbucks just two buildings down...hmmm.

  2. Loves those tights! The outfit looks awesome. I have been contemplating that dress for so long and now it sold out online...they're still at my store on sale. What size did end up getting? I'm afraid the size small would be too short but the size medium is too large in the waist. Did you get a small and pair it with the 'cranberry' tights? Looks so fab on you!

  3. those tights look great in person! I wasn't sure about them when I saw them online. also I love cranberry bliss bars too- am def. going to have to try that recipe soon.

  4. LOVE the tights! They add a little more splash of color and print to your outfit!

  5. The tights pop, wow!! Way to be bold and sport them with those fabulous shoes!!

  6. Your tights are amazing, really!

  7. Really love the pumps with those tights! Such a darling outfit.. And I wish I can have a slice of that Starbucks bliss bar!

  8. Mariana -
    I'm actually wearing an XS in the J.Crew dress! I don't mind it being short because I always wear tights or leggings with sweaterdresses

  9. Love the outfit, and you just made me crave a cranberry bliss bar. Now I have to go to the local Starbucks just to have one!