Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Amber & Grey

What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Tivoli boiled wool cardigan in Amber and Grey
Ann Taylor LOFT Charmeuse Blooms Print dress
grey anthropologie Jumbled Crochet tights (from last fall)
grey anthropologie Snake Bite belt
purple suede Kate Spade wedges
pearl cluster necklace from local boutique Paradigm

I am loving LOFT more and more! This dress was only $20! I love that it can be dressed up or down, and I think I could definitely wear it in the spring as well as now. This cardigan I also snagged on sale at a J.Crew in NYC, after lamenting that my local store didn't have it after seeing it on A Bigger Closet.

I am very excited for the holiday meeting of my book club! It's a potluck where everyone will be bringing something. I'm bringing my specialty.... a bottle of wine! =)

Here is a photo with the ruffles tucked in so you can see the cute grey trim on the cardigan!

Better look at tights and wedges!


  1. A very cute outfit Rosa! The yellow and the purple and the grey together are great :) And I love your tights! They are called the Jumbled Crochet tights, right? I have them as well and l adore wearing them in the fall. What book are you reading at your book club? My friends and I used to have one, but all the English majors (me included) used to end up fighting over whether the characters/plot development/overall books were good or bad :)

  2. I love this outfit, especially the mix of colors and patterns. I'm a big fan of Ann Taylor Loft. Unfortunately, we don't have one at my local mall, just (more expensive) big sister Ann Taylor. ATL is definitely more in tune with my grad student aesthetic (and budget). The style, formality and price of AT fit better when I was working.

  3. Wondering if you think the dress is TTS or can you size down?

  4. goldenmeans, thanks for letting me know the name of the tights! i've only recently started to pay attention to anthro names. when i worked in store i definitely never went on the website so never knew what anything was called. for my book club, we each read whatever books we want, discuss them over snacks and wine, and swap books with each other! it's the best book club i've ever been in

    rae, i think the dress is tts, but you can size down if you aren't busty. if you are, i'd stick to your normal size. i sized down since i am not blessed in that area!

  5. I have to give you credit for making me rethink ATL! Cute outfits. Keep it up!

    (label_whore @ MUA)

  6. I love the yellow combo with the dress! I also wear my snakebite belt with it. I'd bought the dress at full price but don't regret it one bit. You look very pretty.

  7. blowing me away today! love all the pieces and how the colors work together:)

  8. I love the color combo, making me think about how to recreate that over here!!! I saw that sweater at Jcrew last time I was there, does it itch? I love the color combo on it but not sure if it itches???


  9. That mix of colors, textures and fabrics is really stunning! You are so cute!

  10. Thanks! I had my size in my cart, but waited, then of course it was sold out. So that's why I thought of sizing down. But I am busty, so I don't think that will work. Oh well!

  11. What, 20? How come I never see deals like that? Your outfits are definitely making me want to add more long cardis and feminine dresses/skirts to my wardrobe. I love the Snakebite with the long cardi...whenever I try to wear mine with my shorter ones it always falls a bit weirdly. Great shoes too—the color combination of the outfit is unexpected but fun.

  12. DEA, the boiled wool is surprisingly non-itchy! I don't think it's as soft as their merino or cashmere, but I still like it. (But just letting you know that I am not really that susceptible to itchy sweaters)

  13. love it! So pretty! I've gotta get more daring in my color combos, but I always come back to neutrals. Eeeesh. :)


  14. i just bought this dress because it was on sale! its quite simple on its own, but I figured it would have a ton of potential. thanks so much for the ideas! can you post another pick with different additions to the dress to jazz it up! i see myself wearing this dress to work and out!