Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Animal Kingdom

I've been slowly adding to my animal accessory collection. It all started with my vintage kissing mice belt, which is featured constantly on my blog, and I just love how animals just add a little bit of whimsy to simple outfits. I can pretend I'm on an African safari. =)

And I'm a sucker for cheap costume jewelry, I have my core collection of simple fine jewelry that I love, but for trendy and kind of out there pieces, I prefer them to be inexpensive. All three of these items are from Forever 21, and under $7. 

I think this giraffe necklace is my favorite! Doesn't it look like it is just about to gallop away? I love giraffes, they were always my favorite on the "safari" at Disney World's Animal Kingdom.

I love that this parrot ring fits on two fingers. It's colorful and fun, even though it is a bird. (Terrifying.)

I couldn't walk away from this elephant ring! It's pretty large for my hands but I think it's so pretty.

No safari would be complete without a lion sighting. These aren't from Forever 21, I bought them from a vintage store in Annapolis, they are kind of over the top but I think they are definitely a statement piece.

Since I was taking so many photos of my hands I decided to snap one of my nail polish! It's OPI's Meet Me at the Star Ferry, from the new Hong Kong collection. I'm not really sure if this is my style or not, I think I'll have to see it in sunlight to be really sure. 

This post is the result of me being bored late at night. Just saying.


  1. The elephant ring is my fav!

  2. Ooh, I love animal themes. :) The nail polish looks pretty as well--it's kind of crazy how different it can look in sunlight. I am thinking of picking up Over the Taupe today. I am a big Mink Muffs fan, but I'm looking for something lighter. I didn't know about the HK collection--where did you get it?

  3. e.,
    i ordered it from, they have reasonable prices and their shipping is only $10.

  4. those animal rings are hysterical! very cool!


  5. Ahhh, I was seriously contemplating that parrot double finger ring! It's super cute. Then again, I'm a bird fanatic, so go figure. :)

  6. These are all great pieces individually, but they make a pretty awesome collection all together!