Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow!


What I'm wearing:
J.Crew Corwin Cardigan in Misty Aqua (*oops, got the color name wrong earlier)
J.Crew Rolling Ruffles Tank in Soft Pewter
Hue Skinny Leggings
American Eagle Sweater Boots

What better way to spend a snowy Sunday than sipping on Bloody Marys downtown? Didn't really feel like wearing real clothes, so I reached for this comfy cardigan, tank, and leggings combo. It's a bit boring but hey! it's a snow day.

So happy with my new Ugg earmuffs, they kept my ears nice and toasty throughout Snowpacalypse '10!

Just wanted to share some pics taken yesterday and today! The snow is absolutely gorgeous and this time around I didn't have to go to work so I was able to enjoy it.

Now let's just hope I can make it back into the city tomorrow....


  1. That's too funny that you came back to visit during snowpocalypse/snOMG/snowmagedon! Sounds like a bad frat part theme. :) I'm jealous of the ear muffs.
    Love, Alli

  2. Ooh, fun ear muffs! I love my hats, but with shorter hair this winter it's been a bit rougher with the hats for me. Maybe I'll check out ear muffs. :) Great snowy day outfit for sure.

  3. Talk to me about those skinny leggings? Im thinking of getting my first ever pair and you looks o cute in yours I must get the details on them! Are they comfortable? Im afraid of trying them and looking like a poser. Help a girl out?!

  4. Love the corwin cardigan in the dusty aqua! Beautiful color.

  5. Jenifer,
    I *love* these Hue Skinny leggings! They are super comfortable, kinda suck everything in, and have a slight sheen so they are a bit smoother than regular cotton leggings. Also they are super opaque which is definitely a plus for me.

  6. super cute snow outfit! hope you can get back to NYC tomorrow

  7. I kind of love that big puffer jacket of yours. Chic collar.

  8. i love your ruffle top!
    it's so pretty!

  9. AWWW ANNAPOLIS!!! You look so cute and toasty. Where did you get your Bloody Marys? I am so homesick right now :(

  10. You went out in this weather??! I was in gaithersburg yesterday, and we were driving 20mph the whole way because of the slushy streets, yuck!! On the up side, that outfit and those colors are too pretty!

  11. Maria,
    we went to the $10 Bloody Mary bar at Ram's Head downtown!

    the roads were terrible but we were getting cabin fever and needed to get out of the house. It wasn't too bad but yeah the roads are still pretty terrible.