Sunday, February 28, 2010

Take a Bow (& some new items styled)

What I'm wearing:
H&M Knit Top with Bow (similar look here)
J.Crew Toothpick Ankle Cord in Soft Ochre (similar here)
Taryn Rose Pumps (similar here)
Bally Quilted Purse (similar here)

I have to confess that I have a weak spot for bows (it must be the inner Emma Pillsbury in me) and this knit top from H&M was no exception. It is really dangerous living near an H&M, I keep just popping in there "for a look" and end up walking out with a new find. But lately I've definitely been more aware of how a new item would fit in with my current closet. I've decided that I need to be able to incorporate it into at least 3 different outfits if it is going to stay. 

I decided to implement this new method with some of my recent purchases. With this bow top, I decided that it would go great with my skirt collection, along with my cords and jeans. 

(L): H&M Bow Top, anthropologie Blueberry Skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Oxfords
(R): H&M Bow Top, Martin + Osa Pleated Skirt, Taryn Rose Patent Pumps

I am really excited about this Reed Shirt Dress from anthropologie. I had been coveting it for ages, and after carefully considering if this had a place in my closet full of dresses I decided that it did. 

*anthro Reed Shirt Dress, grey Snake Bite Belt, Taryn Rose pumps

The colors in the print are lovely and I feel like this can be a year round piece. The sleeves can be rolled up but for now I think I like the sleeves down. It can easily be layered, or worn by itself with sandals in the warmer months. This is a dress that was just asking to be belted, and the Snake Bite Belt is perfect!

*anthro Reed Shirt Dress, grey Snake Bite Belt, Mint Drop necklace, Taryn Rose shoes

*anthro Reed Shirt Dress, J.Crew Ethereal Cardigan, anthro Snake Bite Belt, Dolce Vita Wiley Boots

*anthro Reed Shirt Dress, Life-Off Jacket, Taryn Rose pumps

Another new anthropologie purchase is my Life-Off Jacket. I love the look of a casual rumpled jacket, but most that I've seen have been too boxy, or didn't come in a color that I liked. I love this soft green jacket, it is military inspired but isn't that too masculine of a green. I'm still undecided about the fabric applique, it is removable though.  

*anthro Life-Off jacket, J.Crew tissue tee, J.Crew outlet skirt, BCBG gold sandals

The sleeves on the jacket can be left down or rolled up, which is nice so you can adjust them according to the weather. I only have two outfits posted with this jacket, but I think it would look great paired with cropped jeans or my denim shorts with a simple tee. 

So there we have it, forcing myself to think of at least three ways to wear an item has definitely had me digging in my closet. That is always good because I have the tendency to get excited about new items and neglecting what is in my closet.


  1. Love your new purchases! The bow shirt and the jacket are my fave! I like that you put it with different outfits too.

  2. The Reed Shirtdress is my birthday gift from my boyfriend...I chose the same blue motif and picked out an adorable belt that I still don't see on the Anthropologie website-it has a round leather buckle in a light leather shade with a sort of stretchy macrame band- I am so looking forward to wearing this dress! you look amazing in yours...and thanks for the idea of putting a cardigan over it and wearing it with boots... I figured I wouldn't get any wear out of it till the weather warmed up but this gives me great styling ideas! I love the jacket too...such a cute piece!

  3. I love your new purchases! I'm so jealous... I wish I could be spending money right now. I also just love how you're photographing three different outfits with the piece to show how you would wear it. I'm a firm believer of the 3 different outfits rule before I bring anything home.

  4. Fantastic styling! I think that's a good rule with the 3 outfits (and completely different ones too!) for new purchases. I like all of these looks but I think my favorites are the first and last.

  5. You are so wise Rosa, I still am so bad at considering how a piece will work into my closet, I just know if it's pretty I need to have it and I'll try to figure it out later :)
    Envious of your new Reed Shirtdress -- I want one, in that colorway, bad! Might be my next indulgence in fact. The H&M Bow sweater is really cute on you too :)

  6. omg! I just said the same thing about how an item needs to be able to be in at least 5 different outfits in order to be purchased on my blog (on the Burberry Draping post)! :D great minds think alike.

  7. love love love all the outfits! and bows are just adorable.

  8. Loving the H&M bow top, and the anthro jacket. Of course, I've already caved in to the Reed shirtdress mania, I bought the solid navy, but I'm crazy about the red plaid that too much? To buy the same exact dress in 2 colors? :-/

  9. Oh whyyyy. Now I want the Reed Shirtdress. Damnit. Ha. Looks adorable on you!


  10. Love all these little outfits you put together, and so great that you demonstrated how versatile each piece can be. Don't you just love the Reed Shirtdress?? I want to wear it again next week, I'm dying for it, I love it that much! It was a great great investment.

  11. Dang girl, you alone could sell me everything J. Crew and Anthropologie pumps out. I think I'll let myself get the Reed Shirtdress in this pattern too if it's still around after Easter!

  12. The 3-ways test is a good idea. I have the same problem with F21 lately, I buy tons of stuff but then don't wear any of it!

    The bow top looks good on you, I may have to stop by later this week to heck it out.

    P.S. I like the new header! :)

  13. that's cuter on you than in the store pics!

  14. Love, love, love all the ways that you've styled everything! I definitely need to think about all the ways that something can be styled in my closet when I want to add new things. -- J.

  15. if you don't mind me asking...what size is your lift-off jacket? does it run TTS? thanks in advance. :)

    p.s. your style is impeccable.

  16. anonymous, my lift-off jacket is a 6, i think it runs a little small. they were sold out of the 4 (my usual size) and the reviews online said it ran small, and i'm glad i got the 6, fits perfectly

  17. That bow sweater from H&M is too adorable. And I totally live by the law of 3 for items I think about purchasing. I want to get things that will be worn in my wardrobe and not sit in the closet all lonely.
    I had those J Crew ochre cords in my basket and you wear them well. It only makes me want to purchase them!!! My wallet does not thank you. :)