Saturday, February 27, 2010

Minty Fresh

What I'm wearing:
*J.Crew Merino V-neck Sweater (similar here)
*anthropologie Mint Drop Necklace (similar here)
*Madewell Cropped Ankle Zip Jeans (similar here)
*anthropologie Tawny Acres Boots (similar here)

I'm not exactly sure why I look so down in the dumps in this photo because I actually had a great day! Sorry for the bad quality of the picture (it's amazing the difference natural light can make), this sweater is really a lovely light sage. This didn't turn out to be a very interesting outfit but I still like the simplicity of it, and it was perfect for my laid back Saturday. Started off the day by watching the England vs. Ireland rugby match at an Irish pub (of course I had to drink a Guinness) and then ended up watching Shutter Island which was a harrowing experience for me. (I don't really like intense, suspenseful movies so I don't know why I always want to go see them.) Right now I am lounging about in my pajamas and snuggling with the puppy, isn't my life so exciting?

Here's a better look at the Mint Drop Necklace. There is a lot going on but I love the mint colored beads and all the other baubles that are on it. Cluster necklaces are a favorite of mine and I'm sure this one will add a fun splash of color to my spring/summer outfits!

I am excited about my latest purchase, Keel's Simple Diary. I have always been horrible about keeping journals (it's a miracle I've kept this blog up for this long) so I was intrigued by the premise. Instead of blank pages, for each day there are a combination of multiple choice, open ended, and fill in the blank questions. I think this will be a good book to flip through at the end of the year after filling the pages.


  1. I adore the color mint, and that necklace is making me want it bad!!

  2. I like the simple outfit--just right for a Saturday. Plus you are great at accessorizing, so the necklace really elevates the overall look. I've seen those Simple Diary books in stores--they sound like a fun idea. I used to keep diaries when I was younger but they always turned into b*tchfests and then I felt bad about them afterwards! Perhaps something like this would steer me away from that. :)

  3. I love it, simple but elegant and the necklace, hmm sooo pretty, makes me want one.


  4. Oooh I bought myself a Keel's Simple Diary too but have yet to write in it. Dangit.

  5. Love the outfit! I'm a big mint green fan and I really want to purchase ithe necklace. I would prefer to see it in person and not have to order it online. Did u order it online or did you pick it up in one of the NYC stores?

  6. KristinH,
    I just ordered it online, thanks to free shipping!

  7. Thanks, Rosa! Since it is free shipping, I'm thinking I'll just order the necklace-- along with a few other things! :)