Saturday, February 6, 2010


Of course the weekend I pick to visit Maryland is the weekend of BLIZZARD OF '10!!!!!!!

I am officially snowed in right now, just enjoyed a late brunch and watched "Music & Lyrics" on television. Am getting a bit bored now, may attempt to head out in the snow to Target, McDonalds (I could really eat some nuggets right now) or the bar. No outfit of the day pics because the only clothes I brought with me are terribly inappropriate for this weather. That's what I get for packing and leaving on Thursday, and not really believing that it was going to blizzard. Here's a snap from the Blackberry, I took some more pics of the snow on my regular camera but can't upload them yet. It's crazy how much it has snowed this winter in MD!

Hope everyone is staying toasty cozy and warm!


  1. wow, crazy storm! stay inside and warm. everyone told me that chicago winters were rough, and i haven't seen anything too bad--i haven't even worn my sorels yet.

  2. i wouldn't risk shopping if you don't have 4x4! Yikes, that is a lot of snow!!!
    We've lucked out in Milwaukee, WI and have missed a lot of the storms this year. But we've also been known to get dumped on in April, so we aren't out of the woods yet! Drive carefully!