Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heads Carolina, Tails California

What I'm wearing:
*H&M Striped Knit Jacket (similar here and here)
*Yellow Laundry by design Dress (similar here)
*Gold BCBG Flats
*Forever 21 Giraffe Necklace (similar here)
*Michael Kors Horn Jet Set Watch

I used to hate black & gold together, since it always reminded me of a bumblebee, but it is a color combination that has definitely grown on me (it is also my alma mater's colors!). This jacket also reminds me of Beetlejuice but that is a different issue altogether. It is *just* not yet warm enough to wear skirts and dresses without tights, but I just can't bring myself to wear them. I am about to pack them up for good. I love tights, but after a long cold winter of wearing them almost daily, I'm willing to shiver for the next couple of weeks until it warms up for good. [Edit: ok, I take it back, today it is definitely warm enough to go bare legged!!! Gorgeous day outside.]

I don't know what it is with me and animal motifs in prints and jewelry, but they delight me to no end. Like this giraffe pendant from Forever 21. I love the long chain but also think it would look cute on a slightly shorter one as well. 

* * * * *

These are two of my recent anthro bargain scores from their sale! This is actually a pitcher for creamer and a little thing for sugar, but I decided to re-delegate them to holding my brushes/pencils and my rings. I think they add a little fun to my dresser top, and I love the light minty color. [anthropologie Produce Stand Creamer and Sugar Set, both are on sale for $3.95]. 


  1. Love the dress, great color!! So pretty with the bold stripped knit jacket. Forever21 has the best jewelry ever!!

  2. Black/gold is also the color combo of my alma mater's :) I use it as an excuse to buy articles of clothing in those colors! Also, I have to say...the title of today's post just brought back waves of memory of that Jodee Messina song (It was jodee, right?) I loved that song and haven't heard it in so long, and surprisingly, still remember all of the words :)

  3. I love this color combo! I actually really love gold and yellow with black and/or white. I'm totally with you on the animal for jewelry. Very cute!

  4. I know what you mean about the bumblebee thing but to me that's more black and yellow. I LOVE this combo on you. SO cute :)

  5. I am trying to access your items for sale but the link doesnt work. help?

  6. omg! I was thinking
    Kenny Chesney but I think i am totally waaaaaay off :) I cant think of the song but I can hear it in my head??? I will defer to the j massina guess :)))


  7. AppGal you totally were right...just googled the words :) boy am i OFF :))) I guess i have kenny on my brain between Oprah on Friday and his new movie coming out...


  8. Your dress is darling! Love it with that jacket!

  9. You look super cute Rosa! I never used to like black and gold either, but I dig it a lot more these days.
    I love the Anthro housewares!

  10. Very cute look!

    I have enjoyed following your blog and wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

    Check it out here:


  11. Hey Rosa! Thanks again for the shoes! Your outfit was even cuter in person =)

  12. AppGal and other,
    Yup, it's Jo Dee Messina! I really love this song, it reminds me of college and driving with the windows down.

    Thanks for the award!

    Thanks! It was so nice to meet you!