Saturday, April 3, 2010

Peek Into My Closet!

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday! Yesterday, I spent pretty much all day cleaning and organizing my apartment with my mother. Floor to ceiling was swiffered, scrubbed, and re-organized. The contents of our closets were literally dumped onto my bed and put back one by one, and winter clothes were put away. Storage is an issue in my small apartment, so there is no way that I can keep things around year round. Here is a glimpse into the fruit of my labors.... my dress/bag/shoe closet.

I have all of my dresses crammed into this closet. Sophia's dresses are in here as well. I didn't realize I had so many until I hung all of them up and almost ran out of hangers. Eek! But I do realize that dresses are pretty much all I wear in the spring and summer. Dresses are easy because they make a complete outfit. Just add some cute shoes and accessories and you are done!

One look at my closet and you will be able to tell that I love prints and ruffles. I do have a few solid dresses, but prints are definitely my favorite. This closet is a bit overloaded right now and I have nightmares of the rod falling down (this has happened to me in an older apartment) but thanks to slim hangers, I think I am making it work. 

If you look above my dresses you can see our purses. We put away most of our "winter only" purses and left the rest here. Now that it's less cluttered I can see what purses I own and will put more of them into rotation instead of sticking to the few that I reach for all the time. 

Below my dresses are my shoes. My flats are stored underneath my bed, so these are mostly my heels. Same as the purses, I put my fall/winter shoes, and that got rid of a lot of clutter. I love the way that they look when they are all lined up. 

My apartment is so pristine right now I could kiss the floor. I'm going to try to keep it that way. My mom was nice enough to organize my kitchen cabinets and bathroom as well. She's the best, she doesn't come visit often but when she does she gets it done!!! Now we are off to enjoy the beautiful day outside and grab some lunch and walk around the city. 

(Outfit-wise: I am pretty much wearing the same thing as yesterday, but with my Madewell ankle-zip cropped jeans and black patent flats. I love the Free Flow Tank!)


  1. I love seeing into others closets! And I think our closets are about the same size so I too understand the difficulty of staying organized and necessity of keeping things stored seasonally.

  2. Holy amazing closet! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful and organization-minded mother. This reminds me that I need to do a serious deep spring clean myself.

  3. I also love seeing how other women arrange their closets, so thank you for posting this! It must feel wonderful to be that organized! You have such a fantastic shoe collection, by the way.